How long do it take for psych eval to come back

on 6/5/08 3:28 am

Hi,   I cant see your original post, but judging by the topic I will give you an answer. I went for my psych eval and was told by the end of the 90 min question and answer period that I passed. She said she would write up the necessary paperwork and have it back to my PCP within a week. Like everything else, probably depends on how busy the psych is. If you are in a hurry, I would mention it. AND...after reading a few posts in here, followed up (with a phone call) to make sure it made it to my PCP. I know at least one person mentioned everything was in place for her EXCEPT the late/missing psych eval.


on 6/5/08 3:54 am - Sacramento, CA
It took about 4 days for the psychologist to get my report to the surgeon's office. Why is the psych going to your PCP and not the surgeon? Sounds like you had the kind of psych appointment I had - very extensive, not a 20 min short and sweet. Good Luck! April in Sacramento


on 6/5/08 6:35 am
The Psych eval went to my PCP because it is part of my 6 month hoop jumping with getting authorization from insurance. It will be included in his (PCP)report and forwarded with all of my weigh in's, nutrition talks, etc. for insurance to approve ( I hope). Since the psych works with the surgeons group, I would imagine he also got a copy. BUT...cant get to the surgeon til I have approval from HealthNet.....      Following all the steps and hoping to have a happy ending


on 6/5/08 7:02 am - Macon, GA
I was asked who I wanted the report to go to so I asked for it to be sent to my surgeon's office. I wonder why it take so long for the report to be done.