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OT: Sam's Club open Labor Day Monday

Sophia Maria
on 8/31/08 3:38 pm
Does anyone know if
they will be open on Labor Day?

Most all have the same holiday  schedules I guess?

on 8/31/08 4:27 pm - MILWAUKEE, WI
RNY on 12/11/06 with
seeing as how walmart doesn't stay open on labor day
I'm guess to have to pay time and half
and being owned by the same ppl sams will tend to one be closed

Andrea U.
on 8/31/08 10:11 pm - Wilson, NC
Your walmart closes on Labor Day?

Weird.  Ours is only closed on Christmas.

on 8/31/08 11:35 pm - MILWAUKEE, WI
RNY on 12/11/06 with
I know right
I think maybe cuz the greater milwaukee area has like 20 walmarts
they just shut down
all the other big box stores are open
but any time and half holiday
they shut them down for the day

on 8/31/08 6:08 pm - Broken Arrow, OK
We have 24 hr WalMarts that will be open, so I assume Sam's will too.

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on 8/31/08 6:49 pm - MD

My Sam's club is open labor day.  The posted that hours for both businesses and the public are the same.



Sophia Maria
on 9/1/08 8:40 am
Thanks we just went there today early.