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substitute for taking anti inflammatory meds

on 9/1/08 9:21 am - sunnyvale, CA
RNY on 01/10/05 with

OK, I'm in desperate need of something I can do inplace of taking anti inflammatories, I am 3 1/2 post gastric bypass and I normally don't have pain problems, but I have a shoulder problem that I need relief from really quick. I am icing, but what else can we do in place if taking anti inflammatory medications?  please help  my shoulder is kiling me, and it's a holiday so the doctors office is closed

on 9/1/08 9:51 am, edited 9/1/08 9:51 am - Antioch, CA
My doc says the only pain med we can tolerate right now is tylenol - he suggests the rapid release melt-aways.  Good Luck to you -

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on 9/1/08 10:07 am - Hesperia, CA
RNY on 08/01/08 with
you can get lidocain injections I believe.  Those help with my shoulder pain.
on 9/1/08 10:15 am - CT
RNY on 08/05/08 with
Tylenol is it for the antiinflammatories -- you might also benefit from a cortizone injection depending on what the deal is with your shoulder.  Are you icing it?  That's usually a good bet, or alternating heat and ice.
on 9/1/08 10:22 am - Canada
I will be 4 years post op as of January 09.  I have been taking anti-inflammatory meds
since about 2-3 months after my wls.   I take Prevacid on daily basis, and have not
had a problem.  The one I take is Voltaren.  It is a great pain reliever.  Usually you will
notice right away. 
Ask your doc about it.  But in my case I take it probably 4-5 times a week. If he or she
does not allow you to take it,  use a heating pad on your shoulders.  Look up, or google
 cherry juice, or cherry flex, also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

on 9/1/08 1:15 pm - South of Buffalo, NY
My surgeon allows us to take Celebrex, which worked great for me.  Occasionally, I take Advil if Tylenol doesn't work.

Hope you feel better!

on 9/1/08 1:47 pm - Philadelphia, PA
Sorry for your pain..  My GBS approved me to be on Ultram (generic=tramadol). 

Shelley Belly
on 9/1/08 1:53 pm - Southwest Cleveland Suburb, OH
RNY on 03/07/07 with
My shoulder is killing me too and my PCP prescribed Motrin!  I told him I didn't think I could take it and he said don't worry.  I never filled the prescription and have just taken Tylenol.  It's not working. Let me know if find something that works.
Shelley Belly
Beam me up Scottie
on 9/1/08 2:11 pm - somewhere
DS on 02/17/06 with
Cortizone injections...lipoderm patches (not an anti infam but they will help), neither of which are OTC< but you can call your doctor for a prescription, if the pain is really bad go to the ER, they can give you a small dose of narcotic pain killers.


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Gena L.
on 9/1/08 2:37 pm - Sun City, AZ
I have severe fibro and a real history of shoulder problems. There is 1 over the counter patch that I consistently rely on...using it more than my Lidoderm or Flector (anti inflammatory type patch). It is called Salompas. Comes in a green and white box and very reasonably priced. Best place to buy is Costco, getting 120 patches about $6.00. They are found in nearly all large grocery and drug stores. They are usually down low on botton or near bottom shelf. They last 8 hours and then you can pull them off and replace them...I just don't put it in exactly the same place. Several can be used clustered in a small area and you can use as many as neeed within reason. I also rely on the maximum strength Flexall 454. It is an old fashioned horse linement type rub....rub it in deep and it penetrates deeply....rub it till there is no sheen of it left on the skin!  Good luck. One of these should give you some relief till you see a doctor.



on 9/1/08 5:41 pm - Sacramento, CA
Ask for ARTHROTEC, it is Volataren (a strong anti inflammatory) with Cytotec (To protect the stomach)..... it is AMAZING... I just started this medication along with Voltaren topical creme... I am in heaven, I had gone with severe joint pain since surgery and couldn't take the pain any longer, I had previously been on 800mg Motrin 3x/day.

Gena L.
on 9/1/08 8:11 pm - Sun City, AZ
Thanks for the info but no....I had an ulcer post-op.  It is easier for me to tolerate the fibro and joint pain than to live with the nausea and vomiting from anti inflammatories. I also worked in Endoscopy in a major medical center and have seen what these meds do to the digestive system.  If you can take them I am happy for you but I don't want to take the risk. Tho I may look into the Voltaren cream.



on 9/2/08 8:18 am - Sacramento, CA
Do you have some research or information that says we can't/shouldn't take Arthrotec after gastric bypass surgery?  All the literature I've seen, as well as information my PCP, my surgeon, and my girlfriend's surgeon (different MDs) all researched meds and say it is safe (due to the cytotec/misoprostyl).  I 've scoured the internet and my medical books (I am an RN), and can't find anything that says Arthrotec is contradictory- even though everything said YES, it took me MONTHS of excruciating pain to finally "give in" because I am so afraid of meds!  If you know something I don't, please share!  I can barely walk much of the time due to joint issues, so finding a safe medication that works is heaven sent!  I was diagnosed with fibro in 1988, so certainly understand what living with that pain is like.

Gena L.
on 9/2/08 12:58 pm, edited 9/2/08 1:04 pm - Sun City, AZ
All I know is that from day 1 I was placed on these meds I was warned, cautioned, tried to talk me out of....taking them. Over the long haul and for many, many, patients they damage the stomach.  You must remember I worked with gastroenterologists and rhumatologists and personally saw the damage during procedures. I had many long talks with both my rhumatologist and his Physcian Assistant as this had a real bearing on whether or not I had my RNY.  I realized that to have the RNY I would have to give up the anti inflammatories.Each and every surgeon I interviewed prior to surgery told me NO anti inflammatories after surgery....NONE. I also experienced my own painful ulcer and have had gastritis. I know nothing about the med Arthrotec, but Voltaren is indeed a very harsh anti inflammatory but will research and inquire about it next I see my rhumatologist.  I am sure there are plenty of doctors out there who do not understand the dynamics of anti inflammatories and the problems they can cause.  If Arthrotec is new that may be why you find no such articles. So far I have gotten along almost as well without the anti inflammatories as with them. The patches and my Tramadol suffice so far. Losing 60 pounds has helped a great deal I am sure.


on 9/2/08 1:41 pm - Sacramento, CA
I thought losing weight would help as well, but I weighed 145 lbs when I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia and rheumatoid arthritis in 1988, so why did I ever think losing weight would help?!??!? I have lost almost 160lbs in the past year, and no help whatsoever.

Arthrotec is not a new drug, and Cytotec aka Misoprostyl tames/coats/protects the stomach and pouch.  Arthrotec is Voltaren + Cytotec.  All the resources I have from the WLS community say it's ok.  This is the first I've heard of it being dangerous, and it worries me.   My rheumatologist is well respected and very well known  (Weisner- if you are in the feild, I know you've heard of him) and he is very conservative, as is my WLS.  I know they wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction, but if you have more up to date literature that says Arthrotec is dangerous, I want to know.  I'd rather have pain than an ulcer anyday!

Gena L.
on 9/2/08 2:21 pm - Sun City, AZ
I have no research or proof.  I had never heard of Arthrotec till you mentioned it. I will speak with my surgeon and PCP and rhumatologist about it. My spine is my big problem. I can tolerate the muscle pain...the cervical and spine pain not so father had a very bad spine and was extremely sensitive to any pain med...put him out of his head and he was allowed only 1 Tylenol Arthritis Pain Formula tab daily. Toward the end the nerves were so damaged that I guess the pain did not bother him but it really hurt me to watch him. I am told a bad spine can be inherited and of the 5 children, 3 of us apparently did...something to do with dryness and lack of enough spinal fluid volume?  Voltaren I have taken...It did not much help me, Naproxen and several of the older harsh ones did. I live in AZ and the dry climate  may help,  except this time of year when we have our monsonnal moisture up from the gulf of Mexico and the Baja. The big thunderstorms send me up the wall in pain. As soon as they pass I am ok. I am glad you get relief from this medication. I am not opposed...just what my doctors have told me.  I get relief from the fibro pain to some extent by daily exercise, my favorite being water walking in a warmish pool. I too weighted less when diagnosed with Fibro but mine is post traumatic stress syndrome related and will be with me for life. My cousin was in a wheel chair with hers and she went into complete no pain what so ever but that is rare...I should be so lucky. I just simply do not want stomach problems with all else. I am 5 months post op RNY tomorrow and it has been a rough recovery with a lot of dehydration, nausea and vomiting in addition to the ulcer so I am super cautious. I wish you luck and continued pain relief.


on 9/2/08 8:32 am - grove city, OH
Thanks for the info on Salompas. I have degenerative disk disease and am allergic to steroids anyways. So I can't take alot ot things. I got the ladicane (sp) shots (trigger point injections) and they do help with some. I honestly have to do pain meds and I'm getting ready for a nerve block. There is alot of things that limit us. I had an ulcer after sugery (one prior, but I was 15) and really watch what I take. I so hope that you find something that will work. I'd honestly talk to the doctor and try to get the numbing patches. They really do help out. My mom used them and she's got herniated disks ontop of arthritus in her back.
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Gena L.
on 9/2/08 1:10 pm - Sun City, AZ
You are welcome. I have severe DDD in C4 - C7 and surgery will not help. I have had pain there for over 20 years and the Salompas help me more than the prescription patches...mostly because they really stick. They seldom come off.  Lidoderm patches are for nerve pain...but they simply will not stay on my skin and I have tried everything to make them stay. The Flector patch has some anti inflammatory properties and work well but they often roll off when placed  in  the area of the Atlas joint...the large knobby joint at the top of the spine.I wish you well. Rolling in bed seems to pop them loose as you reposition on pillow or mattress.


on 9/2/08 1:21 pm - grove city, OH
That's great advice. I have FINIALLY been diagnosed about two years ago but because of getting ready for WLS they wanted to see if it got better first with loosing the weight. Mine got 10x worse, but I'm much more active now. I'm in the process of doing the nerve blocks, so ANYTHING that will help before I have that will be great. We're gonna get off all or most pain meds. I'm so excited for that. I'm 33 and don't want to be on pain meds forever. So anything else will help. I looked at one store and didn't see them. I'll check a couple others, if nothing else i can order them online
  VERY proud to have this double century card
432 hi/338 surgery/220 gaol, Current 204 22 months post op
If I don't ever loose anymore that's ok. I'm happy where I am at, weight and in life

on 2/19/12 1:27 pm, edited 6/19/12 8:27 am
 My husband, Leonard Albro, has colagan vascular disease and he's taking a natural anti-inflamatory and no longer takes tylenol or ibuprophen.  Here's a link to his page if you're interested: