Blood Glucose Test = 68

on 9/27/08 6:13 am
Hi everyone,

I just tested my blood, because I was very shaky, spacey, etc.  It measured at 68.  I'm trying to document these "episodes" for my visit with my PCP on Oct. 14th.  These episodes are happening more frequently for me.  This morning, I had my usual vitamins, iron, calcium.  My DH stopped by McDonalds and brought me an egg McMuffin.  I NEVER eat food from yuk-donalds, but didn't want to hurt DH's feelings (he usually doesn't do "thoughtful" things like this).
Anyway, is this the dreaded reactive hypoglycemia that seems to be happening more and more to us that are farther out in our WLS journey?
I ate some string cheese and a protein drink.  I'm feeling better now.  I'll measure glucose again in a bit to see how much it came up.
Anyone in a similar boat?  Meltingmama, if you're reading this, I know you'll give me some advice.
Big thanks!
on 9/27/08 6:25 am - Roswell, NM
you need to up your carbs.

Cindy O.
on 9/27/08 7:22 am - Bryan, TX
Sorry, but that is the complete opposite of what this lady needs.  If she is suffering from reactive hypoglycemia, carbs will only worsen the problem.  They provide a short term increase in blood glucose - insulin surge - then hypoglycemia.  Protein as she indicated is the best way to deal with a low, but not critically low blood sugar.

I do not give medical advice.  I offer my opinion, nothing more. 
on 9/27/08 7:36 am
Thank you,
I was going to post again, and say that carbs seem to be making it worse.  After I had my string cheese and protein drink....waited a bit and did another test, that result was 137.

I seem to have certain things that I CAN eat throughout the week, repetitive meals that I can trust.  I stray from that, and BAM....I get the shakes, sweats, confusion, etc.  I had to get myself out of the shower this morning during this episode because I felt like I was going to pass out.

I'm very concerned, and want to show my PCP that there IS something going on with me.  I'm afraid of this happening while I'm driving.  I'm expecting my first grandchild in April.  I don't want ANYTHING else  to compromise my spending any time with him/her.  I already have a hernia, and am not supposed to lift over 5 lbs., so I told my daughter she better have a very lightweight baby!

My DH got laid off yesterday, and with the economy/construction the way it is right now, it's not looking very promising for a rehire anywhere anytime soon.  That leaves us with insurance for 90 days, and I want to make sure I'm OK before we lose our insurance.
Thanks again,
on 9/27/08 8:15 am - Wichita Falls, TX
 This happened to me just this morning, and I had to leave work because of it.  NOT a good idea, and I certainly can't do it often!!!  I had gotten one of those little sausage burritos from McD's on the way to work.  I felt really tired and a little weak, so I got a pack of peanut butter crackers out of the snack machine a little later.  BIG mistake, evidently!  I have never heard of reactive hypoglycemia before.  Can you get the little meters to test your blood without a doctor's order?  Have never had problems with my blood sugar, except when I was pregnant.  Thanks SO much for posting may have just given me answers that I really least now I know EXACTLY what to ask my doctor!

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Cindy O.
on 9/27/08 8:37 am - Bryan, TX
Yes, you can purchase a glucometer without a prescription.  The meter is usually very low cost or free, it's the test strips that will cause sticker shock.

I do not give medical advice.  I offer my opinion, nothing more. 
on 9/27/08 8:49 am - Austin, TX

I am over 3 yrs post-op..but i too wrote a post
like this, im having more and more low blood sugar
episodes..I have read try to eat your protien with your balance them out..I DO...but it still happens
And ya know im sure by now..we cant wolf a candy bar
down try and eat a few crackers, or part
of a protien bar,...hope you get yours under control...
good luck !!!!  Good idea your keeping records for your

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on 9/27/08 9:09 am - fairbanks, AK
protien, protien, a diabetic, carbs turn into sugar which gives you the initial rush, then the drop.....and i mean this day if i have carbs i fall asleep....the protien even keels my bs levels....
MM knows the ropes, as do a lot of pre wls diabetics, and post wls sure to watch and check your bs on a routine basis if you are having these fluxes recently...better safe than sorry


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on 9/27/08 9:48 am - Santa Cruz, CA
I get these episodes if I don't eat often enough--so I make sure I eat 5 or 6 small meals a day.  A protein bar counts as a meal that way!

Try to keep your carbs to a relatively low level.  Myself, I find I can't tolerate even whole-grain carbs too much.  White foods make me go night-night!

Protein first!

0700 Breakfast--GNC Dutch Chocolate in 2% milk, small banana--30 g protein
1030 Snack--Ka****LC trail mix bar--6g protein
1300 Lunch--Romaine salad w/4 Bean salad & hb egg chopped up, Balsalmic Vinaigrette--20 G protein
1530 Snack--Power Bar Nut Naturals --6 G protein
1900 Dinner--My version of Jambalaya (lots of shrimp, chicken, sausage) not much rice--20 G protein
2200Snack--ka****LC Trail Mix bar--6 G protein

This is a typical day for me, yours may vary!

Good luck!

on 9/27/08 10:43 am
Thank you all for taking time to answer my post.  I'm still teasing DH that "he tried to kill me with an egg McMuffin".  I do eat 6 or 7 small meals/snacks per day, always do protein first, and limit carbs.  If any carbs, they are complex.  I'm finding that sometimes (and increasingly more often), this just happens.
I'm glad I didn't end up doing a face-plant in the shower this morning.  I bought the glucose meter because my glucose read showed in the normal range when I last had labs done.  I wanted to test while this was happening to me.  Yes, the meters are not that expensive, but the refills DO give you sticker shock.

With my weight re-gain, and now this, it's becoming more frustrating!
Thanks again,