Lisa C.
on 11/29/08 6:19 pm - Central Coast , CA
Let see, I am like 9 months out RNY. I am having a strong pain on right side, under  rib cage. Has anyone experienced this? Comes and go's but pretty consistent. 
Kayla B.
on 11/29/08 7:16 pm - Austin, TX
Do you still have your gallbladder?
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on 11/28/13 12:48 pm

yes.  severe cramp, like a charlie horse in your calf.  it feels like somting popped out, like a hernia.  i"m going to ask my doc.  good luck


on 11/29/08 8:40 pm - Western 'Burbs Chgo, IL
On November 30, 2008 at 2:19 AM Pacific Time, Lisa C. wrote:
Let see, I am like 9 months out RNY. I am having a strong pain on right side, under  rib cage. Has anyone experienced this? Comes and go's but pretty consistent. 
You did not say what you have eaten or were doing when you get the pain. I am with the other poster in the question of do you still have your gall bladder? The pain you are describing matches the pain I had when I would have a gall bladder attack. Now if you were exercising and have the pain like a "stitch" in the side then that is from your tissues not getting enough oxygen while exerting yourself. It will go away with drawing in breath a little deeper.

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on 11/29/08 9:25 pm

also the liver is in there, thus the gallbladder connection, and I have also heard of this pain with some hepatis's also. good to follow up with dr if it were me.. good luck!!


on 11/29/08 9:55 pm - madison, IN
i have had pain like that but mine was caused from adhesions my liver was attached to my rib cage.
on 11/29/08 11:19 pm - Belmont, MS
First thing that ran through mine mind is gallbladder. I had similar pain when mine first began to "act up". Then it became more central (near the pouch) when I would eat a few bites, then came the nausea, etc. Before I had mine removed, it got to the point it woudl hurt, I would break out in a cold sweat and be nauseous even without eating. To be on the safe side, because there are so many things it could be, check with your doctor.

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on 11/30/08 1:02 am
sounds like what I had going on... oneday it got soo bad thought I was dying and went to ER only to be seen after the attack was over. After a few test by my own doctor it turned out to be the gallbladder not functioning right, it wasnt stones, it just wasnt working at full capacity, only 30%,...had it removed laproscopically and the pain is gone...simple procedure up in one day ...in/out surgery. Goodluck have it checked out before the pains get worse.

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on 11/30/08 1:34 am - MI
Time to get the gallbladder removed.


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on 4/14/09 1:09 am - Orlando, FL
Lisa - what came of your pain?  I am 20 wks post op and have started having a similar pain. First thought it was something I ate but that was not it. My surgeon's office said it may be from scar tissue and to eat soft foods and keep track.  The pain now does come when I eat  just off and on during the day.  Hate to make appt. with dr. and find out it is nothing but just does not seem right.