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on 3/4/09 2:53 am - MN

Ok, I am 5 months post op...and doing well. But once in a great while I eat something and either eat it too fast or don't chew it well and I get a frothing in my throat. The froth/mucus eventually builds up in my throat until I have to go and vomit.

Does anyone know the cause of this? I have my suspicions, but wondering if anyone else has been through it?

OH and BTW - I have lost 85 lbs and I am feeling great
(**sorry couldn't help but share**)


on 3/4/09 3:06 am - Portland, OR
totally have been there - it's called the foamies!  And it's yucky - someone around here should be able to tell you why it happens - I just know it does if I eat anything too dense and too fast.  Ick!
on 3/4/09 3:20 am
YOur body is actually mass producing saliva to help get the food down. It's amazing how the body works. I've had the foamies before and it was nauseating in and of itself.  Your mouth turns into a waterfall of spit, then, you puke up some slimey nastiness. Then.. it's all better! yay!!

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Michael S.
on 3/4/09 3:56 am - WI
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Have you been bitten by a rapid animal?  It sounds like you have RABIES!!

No... no you don't.  You have the Foamies!  It comes from eating too fast or too much.


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on 3/4/09 5:46 am
Foamies.  Hate it.  I get it when I eat to fast. 
on 3/4/09 6:10 am - Long Beach
 Yes... I am currently going through that process... It is yuckie... Ice has helped me alot.. it has reduced my vomit by about 50%  I am on a liquid diet right now.. and according to some people I am drinking water too fast.. wich they are probably right.. because i hadnt thought about that... and since mid day i've been taking small sips of water. and have been feeling way better than this morning.. also my Dr. said it was just saliva... and what other ppl said... 
on 3/4/09 7:34 am - New York, NY
My doctor gave me a B shot.  I think its b12.

IT is thiamine 100mg, and i havent had frothing since.
unless it actually is stuck in my esophogas and that only happened once.
chicken was too dry.

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