Crystal Light with caffeine ?????????????

on 3/13/09 2:24 am - Canada
Hey I am currently trying to slowly move from my terrible diet to the type of diet I will be eating post op if I am accepted. I noticed that one of the things many people have to do is switch to crystal light form diet soda I am a big diet soda drinker so I have started to make this move now. I realized today that some of the crystal light products I bought have caffine in them. Is caffine a problem post op or is in a non issue ?? Thnaks
Michelle P.
on 3/13/09 2:50 am - Glens Falls, NY
I was a BIG soda drinker - diet pepsi. I have not had one since 01/05/08 - woohoo!! For the most part I do not miss the soda - it is the carbonation that you are not supposed to have. I do not have a problem with caffeine - I have heard diferent opinions - yes to caffeine, no to caffeine - check with your doctor. I drink coffee each day and do not have any problems.

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Good luck and keep on posting!


on 3/13/09 3:49 am - Shreveport, LA

I actually have some of the Crystal light with caffeine (Strawberry flavored).  It says Energy on the box and I didn't realize until later that that meant it had caffeine.

I used to drink a ton of Dr. Pepper.  I too quit 6 months before surgery because I didn't want to wake up from surgery, want one and couldn't have one.

The first week, I had the caffiene headache...but I knew it would be over in a day so I didn't break down and drink a DP.

The first 3 weeks, every time I passed Sonic or went to the grocery store I wanted one.

BUT after that 3 week period, I have never even had the urge to  take a sip.  Even when we go out, I just order water.  It's easier than you think.  And no, you don't miss the caffiene after that first week :-)

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on 3/13/09 3:55 am - Canada
Thanks for the answers I did the same thing it was on the clearence shelf at Meijer and I didn't realize that it had caffine in it till after. I actually didn't realize it till I had been drinking it. A couple yesterday and today lol. I hope I don't have to deal with the headaches etc again. Mine lasted for 4 days I felt like crap and had a headache. Mind you I was drinking a dozen cans of diet soda a day

When you type it out it just sounds nuts

thanks again for the help ladies

on 3/13/09 4:40 am - Ladysmith, WI
Hello- I was a huge Dt. Mt. Dew drinker before surgery but of course I gave that up. Now I am loving the Crystal Light Energy singles (wild strawberry). You have to watch it though because it says 60 mg per serving and there are two servings in one little single (you know the kind you add to a bottle of water). Soooo that means that in one little bottle of water you get as much caffine as in 2 Mt. Dews. My Nut says she would like to see me only taking in about 100 mg of caffine a day. The reasons she says too much caffine is not good is because it can dehydrate you (it makes you pee more), it can cause an ulcer, and it is a diuretic it can stimulate your hunger. Good luck on your journey.
Julie H:)
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on 3/13/09 5:18 am
We were told to absolutely stay away from caffeine at least in the first few months post-op because it is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration. It can also be caustic and lead to ulcers.

Once you can tolerate larger amounts of fluid, it is a personal choice.
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