Miralax for every day use?

on 4/19/09 8:32 am - Flowery Branch, GA
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I bought the small container of miralax today in hopes to regulate myself (plenty of water and fiber don't do it). I peeled back the label and it says don't use for more than 7 days. I've seen people say they use it daily.

What's the verdict? Has anyone discussed this with their surgeon? Is it safe to use daily? Should I use it every other day instead? I'm not looking for a constant clean-out, just something to keep me from being on the pot for over half an hour once a week having the worst BMs of my life.
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Some of the GI docs I work with recommend Miralax as a daily use for their pts.  Our medical drug books do say it is safe. 

Good luck geting more regular.
on 4/19/09 8:41 am - Louisville, KY
I haven't had my surgery yet, but I've been taking Miralax every day for 8 years.  I have IBS and started taking it right after the birth of my last child who just turned 8.  My gastroenterologist recommended it.
on 4/19/09 8:53 am - Phoenix, AZ
Does it come in capsule or pill form or just the powder stuff.
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I have never seen it in any form other than the powder.  I just mix it with water.  It doesn't have a taste really -- or I've gotten used to it since I've been on it so long.
on 4/19/09 9:45 am - Rockland, ME
I am a case managager and I have a child on my caseload with CP.  She takes is everyday and has an RX for it.  May be worth chcking with your doctor as it is quite expensive over the counter.  Her Rx is for polyethylene glycol which is the same as Miralax but is probable much cheaper depending on your insurance. 

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on 4/19/09 10:42 am - Flowery Branch, GA
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Thanks for the tip! I don't know about other areas but in my area places like walgreens, walmart, kroger, etc. have implemented that $4 prescription program, so I wonder if it's one of those. That would be nice. I paid $8 for 7 doses. My printer is out of ink so I couldn't use the coupon on their site.

To anyone who's looking into this or having issues with constipation- I can't vouch for the effectiveness just yet as I just finished taking it, but I mixed it with a 16oz water and it was absolutely tasteless.
on 4/19/09 10:52 am
hiya kaytie, yes u can use it daily, i do, and its the only thing thats worked 4 me, and my doc calls it in 4 me, so it only cost me 1dollar co-pay, i bought it before and it was almost 30dollars for a months worth, good luck hun......tracy.
on 4/19/09 12:51 pm - San Dimas, CA

I could say why they say do not take for more than 7 days. Because you may have more serious issues adn they need to cover their ass. As long as the Dr says its OK I would go with it.

on 4/19/09 1:21 pm - Pensacola, FL
My 7 year old son takes it 3 days a week. His doctor said if he took it everyday then he would become dependant on it and his bowels wouldn't work normal as an adult.