Craving sour lemons and dill pickles!

Heather I.
on 10/20/09 12:55 pm
This has been going on for several days and I can't shake it!  I love eating/sucking juice out of fresh lemons.  (I'm a freak, I know). I am craving them soooo bad.  I'd also kill for a sour dill pickle.  I know I can't have citrus.  What gives?  What could satisfy this craving without tearing my stomach apart with the acid?

Can I ever have these again? Thanks in advance for any replies!

Sandy E.
on 10/20/09 1:05 pm
I guess I have never heard we can't have citrus. I drink OJ and I have ate pickles. I haven't had any problems with either.
  Sandy E

on 10/20/09 1:05 pm - OH
I eat citrus.  Have since kinda early post-op.  It doesn't bother me at all.

(deactivated member)
on 10/20/09 1:09 pm
You are a girl after my own heart!!!

I LOVE eating lemmons, I eat them like a grapefruit (leaving only the peel). I also LOVE dill pickles...and I miss them so much. Pre-op it was nothing for me to drink a bottle of Real Lemmon juice either. I don't think I will be doing that part ever again.

I hope to someday be able to enjoy a lemmon or a pickle but I too have them on my do not eat list for now.
on 10/20/09 1:09 pm - San Angelo, TX
RNY on 08/03/09 with
I've never been told we can't eat citrus or pickles.  I know what you mean about craving them.  I did too for about the first month after surgery.  I lived on the tangerine popsicles that Breyer's makes.  Unfortunately there are only four in a box so I had to buy lots of boxes!  lol   I eat pickles now with no problem either!

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So Blessed!
on 10/20/09 1:18 pm

Ever since having WLS I've noticed that I crave acidic flavors too.  I add vinegar or lemon juice to a lot of the foods I eat.  I eat a lot of pickled peppers too.

Who said you couldn't eat citrus?
Heather I.
on 10/20/09 1:18 pm
I hope I can have them again real soon.  My Nut lets us add fruits/veggies during month 2, but non-citrus.  I don't want to wait until 6 mo. or a year.  I can't imagine that a low almost no calorie piece of fruit would hurt weight loss.  Anyway, I will at least wait until month 2 and then try it if the craving doesn't leave.  Odd that I don't crave sweets.  If I consider all sweets to taste like protein shakes, I'll never have a problem with sweets again.
(deactivated member)
on 10/20/09 1:24 pm
I like limes and pickles. I eat both and don't have any problems. I was never told to stay away from them.
on 10/20/09 1:41 pm, edited 10/20/09 1:42 pm - Maple Grove, MN
RNY on 04/10/09 with
Here is a pickle idea if you're worried or still on liquid diet -- I LOVE these but if you'renot a pickle fanatic you might think its a gross idea. Frozen pickle pops -- I get them from

PS I too had an aversion to sweets at first and lived on these in the beginning -- every one else likes the SF Fruity popsicles but they tasted like extreme sugar to me and were not satisfying.
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Pretty Butterfly
on 10/20/09 2:06 pm
I've been adding Real Lemon (Lime Juice) to my water and have had no problems. I actually think it makes me feel better.  Go ahead and squeeze some lemon juice in your water. Try a little at first to make sure it won't upset your stomach.
on 10/20/09 2:17 pm
I have read on here that it is normal to crave pickles.  I really craved pickles early out and ate them when I was about 2mo out.  I don't crave them now and I am almost 10mo out.
Auntie Lane      
Heather I.
on 10/20/09 2:24 pm
There must be something in them our bodies are craving.  I think I will try adding some to my water to dilute it and still get the flavor.  The frozen pickle pops sound really good too!
on 10/20/09 4:02 pm - Jamestown, ND
Oh boy, just reading the posts made my mouth water for a pickle.  I didn't know the craving was common, thought I was having some weird hormonal thing LOL.

on 10/20/09 5:35 pm - Mcalester, OK
I too have been craving citrus - mainly limes though...I have been having lime drags from sonic (cup of ice with lime juice and a little salt - they are so good and as I type my mouth is watering...I have a snowcone machine and have been shaving ice and doing the same thing at home.

On the subject of sour dill pickles I too have been craving them and noticed someone had posted about the pickle pops - I think it was she even has a website that sells them.

I am a cheapie I am going to make my own and use my tupperware popscicle things from when my kiddo was young...also thought about freezing in ice trays.

I also was told no citrus - but gave in once I saw others were eating them...still had no pickles though