Body slimmer/spanx type thing for upper arms--does this exist?

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on 1/25/10 6:23 am
DS on 10/19/09 with
My upper arms/batwings are EPIC. Seriously, I think if I were to run off my roof with my arms extended, I'd probably get liftoff.

I seem to be losing everywhere but my upper arms. It's starting to become an issue for finding shirts that fit well. They're either too tight through the upper arms, or too loose everywhere else.

I'm wondering if anyone makes an upper arm shapewear "girdle" thingy for this purpose. I Googled for it, but couldn't turn up anything.

Do any of you know if such a thing exists?

on 1/25/10 6:28 am - CA
It does. I don't have time right now to look, but I'm sure someone will find a link for you.
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on 1/25/10 6:49 am - Montclair , NJ
RNY on 01/30/08 with
Well Jeez, that last post was helpful... lol x

I have the black ones and swear by them... \

It helps alot, but I will admit I am still have surgery.... BUT in all fairness, my arms have shrunk down to 1/3 of their previous size... used to be 22 inches around, now... 15

So I would recommend them... good luck


on 1/28/12 1:55 am
 I kno I'm so Late but did u ever get the arm surgery? I also have big arms but I'm a little hesitant on getting arm surgery, my arms are 17in around n I want to lose 5 in around them would the arm spanx work for me?
on 1/25/10 6:50 am
I found some compression sleeves worn after batwing surgery and some shapers specifically made for arms. I wanted to get some for my strength training/working out regimen. 

I just found this link, and the 2nd ones down look fairly decent. There's a lot of options out there available to us. I mainly just want to hold them in while I'm lifting weights. index.vm?procid=36&catid=479
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on 1/25/10 9:21 am
 Thanks for asking this question! I had no idea such things existed.
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on 1/25/10 10:09 am
DS on 10/19/09 with
 Thanks, everyone!! 
on 1/25/10 10:25 am
It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's Jenna Lynn & she has achieved liftoff (hee, hee!) - sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Seriously, my arms are awful! Thanks for the interesting post & the info about the arm spanx (& the giggle)!




Nic M
on 1/25/10 10:41 am

I bought the black 3/4 length scoop neck thingy.  If I were to order again, I'd get one that is more like a Tshirt. I don't like that it scoops under my boobs! 


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