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Immune System after surgery?

Heather I.
on 2/17/10 2:59 am
Has anyone else experienced a weakened immune system following surger?  This could just be a really unfortunate year for me getting colds/sinus infections. I've read confilicting reports on how the calorie restriction impacts our immune systems. I had surgery 9/29/09 and since Jan. have been catching one thing after another. I do keep up on all my supplements and average about 800-900 cals per day with 80-90 g. protien. Any suggestions?
on 2/17/10 4:58 am - OR
Hi Heather,

I had surgery just a couple of weeks before you. I haven't noticed any weakend immune system at this point (I thought I would but my little kids seem to catch everything under the sun and for the most part, I've remain illness free other than one bout of a cold). I have however, noticed it after other surgeries, so it is possible. and then again, It could just be a bad run of luck. LOL. I guess that's not much help! Hope you get over being sick soon. (start thinking spring, maybe that'll help get your spirits up..LOL)

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on 2/17/10 5:22 am - Cary, NC
I've noticed exactly the opposite.   I'm almost a year out and I've been healthier this past year than I ever have.   My wife and daughter have had multiple colds, stomach viruses, and the flu and I didn't catch any of those.   During the past year, I've not caught anything (although I just jinxed myself by typing this)

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on 2/17/10 5:42 am
It has been the opposite for me too. I didn't even get a flu shot this year. I have not any kind of sickness, stomach virus, or flu. 
I feel so much better and thought maybe the vitamins attributed to that.

My surgery was 9/16/09


on 2/17/10 6:23 am - richland, WA
I havent been sick since about 2 months BEFORE surgery (other than stupid ole allergies)......

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Wow thats alot of info
on 2/17/10 8:26 am
I am exactly the opposite, my immune system seems to be really good. I think it is a combo of vitamin supplements and not trashing my body with massive quantities of crappy food.
on 2/17/10 10:33 am
Pre-op, I used to pretty much keep a cold all winter long. Since my DS over six years ago, I've had a cold only two times---and I've been exposed a LOT.
So Blessed!
on 2/17/10 10:53 am

I am rarely ill.
on 2/17/10 12:32 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
Seems to be one way or another.

Ppl either get everything that passes by within 100 mi OR can stand gale force sneezing at close quarter.

We were told o9ur immune would be somewhat compromised. Like it worked well at BMI 50? But oddly, we don't get what our workers get, for example.

We take a huge number of supplements, over 120g protein in supps every day and eat our 4-6 small meals.

You say you're keeping up on your supps, but what might that look like?

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

Heather I.
on 2/17/10 3:30 pm
Thanks for the replies everyone.  I made it through work.  I teach band and we are getting ready for solo contest!  The antibiotics are starting to kick in a bit.

To answer vitaladay:  supplements include -
2 multivitamins - generic tabs (probably go back to chewables when these are used up)
1500 calcium citrate tabs -(500 3xs daily) generic walgreens
ferral sequals iron and vit C (500) nitely
B12 (2 or 3 times a week subling)
fish oil (for inflammation)
Ginger root (for inflammation)

labs were good at Dec. appt. (white count a tad low).  Next labs due in late March.

Sound reasonable?  Working at school I'm always around the little snot factories and working one on one with wind instrument players is double trouble. Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

Heather I.

on 2/17/10 10:07 pm - Suffern, NY
No vitamin D?  What was your level in Dec?  Almost everyone is deficient pre-op and them we get worse post op.  Low vitamin D levels can definitely play havoc on your immune system.  Also having a low white count can be part of the reason you are getting sick.  If they continue to be low, you might want to see a hematologist.


Heather I.
on 2/18/10 4:13 am
Vitamin D is in with the calcium.  Maybe that is not enough of it?  I'll have to find where I put my labs and check that value. If it were you, would you wait until March or have the dr. order a set of labs this month to check? Since I switched from chewable vitamins and calcium to tablets could that be the reason?  Now I think I will need to do more in depth look at what I am taking.  You guys/gals are the best!
on 7/12/12 1:06 pm

I have been sick and tired since I had lap band surgery 6 years ago....I guess it was a trade off???
Recently I started drinking glowing green smoothies by kimberly snyder (google it)....and for once i felt better and my husband said I didnt "gurgle and cough" at night from my reflux either.

I totally reccomend it....I know its hard to eat fruits and vegetables for me. And vitamins make me throw up....or get stuck.  I did finally find a decent tasting liquid vitamin at Sam's Club.

anyways....its not just you.  the absorption of some nutrients are impaired after WLS....get lots of rest and find a way to get vitamins....and I reccomend Probiotics too.  THey have small ones called "pearls" at walgreens. 

-sick all the time

on 2/18/10 7:40 pm - Suffern, NY
Just getting the vitamin D in calcium is not nearly enough unless you are in the minority and have a great level but that is very doubtful.  75 % of the population is vitamin D deficient and they don't even know it.  You definitely need to get it checked out but you may already have the answer in your December labs - check them out.  You want your vitamin D to be around 80, but atleast 60.  Check you levels and let me know what it is and I can recommend a proper dose for you.

Switching from chewables to tablets has nothing to do with anything.  If you can swallow them, then by all means do it.