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Amerihealth HMO

on 3/27/10 11:34 am
Does anyone have Amerihealth HMO? If so what Dr. did you find to do the surgery? I would like to have the lap band surgery done. I would like to have Gail Wynn do it, but she is not in network with my ins. i did get approval but I was told by her office I would have to pay upfront and have my ins. reimburse me. This I can't afford. I haven't heard about any other Dr. that does it. When I call my ins. they say look under surgeons. It's like grabbing a name out of a hat. Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance,

on 3/27/10 1:19 pm
Where do you live? I only know of surgeons in my area.


Liz in Orlando       LW-Apple-Gold-Small.jpg image by PlicketyCat

on 3/27/10 11:36 pm
I thought this was a Delaware forum. I live in Delaware.