Tattoos and WLS

on 4/18/11 1:55 am
Ok, so I found a badass blog that does "tatoo tuesday" and features different people's tattoos and stories/advice. sday   
My question is, I would like to know y'alls opinions and experiences on tattoos on skin that will be saggy and change alot with our weight loss.  I've been assuming I'd just wait til i hit goal weight, and maybe after plastic surgery, but I'm getting impatient.  ;)
By no means am i trying to make anyone feel bad if you had them pre-surgery, I just wanna know realities.  THANKS!


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on 4/18/11 2:15 am - Moorhead, MN
Actually I'm curous as well. Waiting on weight loss before i get what i want.

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on 4/18/11 2:23 am - Manchester, CT

I have 11 tattoos and mine actually look better now after the WLS.  They are more colorful.  Hope this helps.

on 4/18/11 2:31 am
how much have you lost?   did you have issues with sagging?


My Story:
VSG Surgery Date: Jan 20, 2011
on 4/18/11 2:34 am - Manchester, CT

I've lost close to 150 lbs and where my tattoos are I haven't had a problem with sagging. 

on 4/18/11 2:53 am - Salt Lake City, UT
Hi, I am 4.5 years out from RNY. I got my first tattoo at 100 pounds lost. It's a lotus blossom and is beautiful! I was afraid before surgery because I didn't want that saggage issue.
on 4/18/11 3:03 am - NY
VSG on 03/16/10 with
I have two tattoos, and have no problem with them.  One is along my calf and the other is a "tramp stamp".  It all depends on where they are and most tattos are in areas that don't have saggy skin.  I have lost 112 lbs in 13 months.

Hope this helps.

on 4/18/11 3:18 am
I will be getting two tattoos in the coming year, most likely - one on my upper back between my shoulderblades (yes, I have shoulderblades, now!!) and one where the "tramp stamp" goes.  The upper back one is in design stages right now - I need to perfect it before next month.  The lower back one will be once I either hit goal or once my body decides it's done losing.  I imagine neither of these places will experience shift.

However, I would also like to see something on my hip - but I carry a LOT of weight there and I'm not willing to play with that area until I'm done losing.  Same with my chest.  Essentially, despite others' testimonies, I would recommend that you look at the areas that you PERSONALLY retain fat and avoid those places for tattoos.  I could get a tricep tat today that won't barely change by the time I get home.  A person I know could do the same and because she carries so much weight in her arms, she can almost certainly count on batwings dragging that tat far out of place.
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Christine X.
on 4/18/11 3:56 am - TX
There was a picture of Wendy Williams in one of those tabloid magazines with a tattoo right were a tummy tuck scar would be. Looked good. I might wait until I get plastics which I hope is in the next year or so.
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on 4/18/11 7:54 pm
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