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First follow-up appointment...

on 4/10/12 2:26 pm - Chicago, IL
 ...and the news is pretty good all around.

I can begin to incorporate solid food into my, shellfish (shrimp, lobster), chicken, turkey...not more than perhaps an ounce with each meal, but it means that I can begin transitioning away from just the soft food...

The surgeon was somewhat surprised by the amount of bruising on the lower part of my will eventually disappear, but I believe that he was truly isn't painful, just gross-looking.

One of the incisions is blistering but it is not infected...he gave me some anti-bacterial ointment, pads and tape so that I can change the dressing on a regular basis.

I can drive and I can return to work at any time but I'm going to take the next two weeks off, anyway...

By that time, I should fit back into my 46-in waist jeans I was wearing before surgery...maybe by then they'll even be getting a little too big.

I'll have to provide a stool sample to rule out real diarrhea but other than that, it's steady as she goes...

Looking forward to my next weigh-in on Sunday.
Weight at Heaviest: 320 lbs. 
Weight at Surgery:
283.6 lbs.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion...

on 4/10/12 3:22 pm - Marlborough, MA
Revision on 04/05/12
Wow that's great news!  You'll have to let me know what you eat and tolerate- I love shell fish YUM!  You must have been super bruised for your surgeon to be surprised but glad to hear it's superficial.  What a great NSV it would be to wear those jeans when you return to work very exciting.

Do you ever post on the RNY board?  I can't remember if I see you over there or not?  If not you should!!!


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4/8/04 Lap-band-Goal weight for 5 yrs, Tummy Tuck 6/23/08
Lap-band Leak 4/2011, Revision to Gastric Bypass 4/5/12

on 4/10/12 5:35 pm - Chicago, IL
Thanks, karianne!!

What's 'NSV'? We only get to wear jeans on Fridays...otherwise it's business least as far as I know...we have a new president and CEO...he may have a different way of doing things.

As far as posting on the RNY board, I visit but don't post there much, although that may change...I probably should post there as well as on the main board.

When is your follow up appointment? I know that you mentioned it in another post, but I forgot...sorry.
Weight at Heaviest: 320 lbs. 
Weight at Surgery:
283.6 lbs.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion...

on 4/10/12 6:37 pm
NSV is non scale victory. All those things that are not directly related to the numbers on the scale, but great milestones in our journeys.
on 4/10/12 6:38 pm
Glad to hear that your journey is starting out so well. Fasten your seatbelt. It is one heck of a ride!
on 4/10/12 7:31 pm - Chicago, IL
Thanks, Bettisima!!

You've probably been told this before, but when I read your name, 'Bettisima' all I can think of is the song, "Buona Sera" being sung by Louie Prima!! (and no, I am not showing my age, just a rich music background)...
Weight at Heaviest: 320 lbs. 
Weight at Surgery:
283.6 lbs.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion...