Who has had or having a panniculectomy would love feedback

on 6/25/13 1:37 am - TX

I am having a panniculectomy done on Aug 6 2013. I have done my research just looking for others who has had t done and their results.

on 6/25/13 2:25 am

Easy surgery, fairly easy recovery, paid for by insurance - happy with results.  I only say "fairly easy recovery" because I'm pretty impatient as a rule - and I I like being active.  However, I am 100 percent compliant with doctors' orders and I would never do anything to jeopardize any procedure.  I chose not to have the "above the belly button done" as I would have had to pay for that portion of it myself.

While exercising didn't give me a "flat" upper belly - the aerobics and floor work I do as part of my classes have made a big difference.  Hope I helped a little.


on 6/25/13 2:32 am

I had a panniculectomy on April 11 of this year. I had no lipo or muscle tightening, just the skin/tissue/fat that was hanging cut off. It weighed 27.1 pounds. I was satisfied with the results. I have no love handles or over hang. I do however have a little pudge on the front due to having a pudge above the belly button before surgery. I have since gone back to dieting and exercise (moderate) and am seeing the pudge go down. My surgeon was well pleased with the results and my recovery especially since it was a large incision( it wrapped around my hips a bit) and a large amount was removed. The surgeon said there were blood vessels as big as his pinky finger. I had no complications, really. The worst pain was nerve issues in my left thigh and pain from that along with numbness. The pain is gone and the numbness is slowly going. I had a place open in my incision to drain due to removing the drain too early , but it never got infected and I never had it get larger or any other place open up. My surgeon used stitches not staples and did a very nice job of putting me together, my scar already looks good and smooth. He also lifted my mons and I am pleased with that as well. It is very sensitive to any stimuli, now. ;) My biggest advice would be read everything, copy pictures from the internet of what you are expecting and what is not acceptable to you and take them into the consult with your dr. Make sure that you and he are on the same page and are both looking for the same results. Listen to your body and don't over do, after surgery. You will probably need to sleep in the recliner for a bit, I am not naturally a back sleeper so that was the worst, it was a full month before I was sleeping in my bed, but part of that was the numbness and pressure in my hips and thighs, more so than the incision.

on 6/26/13 5:50 pm

I had my panniculectomy in 2003 and I am happy with the results considering that it wasn't a full tummy tuck, which I couldn't afford (insurance paid for the panniculectomy).  Even with a 100 lb regain and a subsequent 115 lb loss the skin bounced right back.  I wish my skin would have done that without surgery.  I had my revsion open and the skin above my belly button is wrinkly and puckered but below the belly button it is as tight as a drum.  Looks bad but in clothes I feel so much better without that apron of skin.  Things fit so much better, too.

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