Wow! Insurance covers protein shakes and vitamins!

on 9/20/13 11:37 am - Retirement Ville, AZ

Someone posted a link this week for Insure to check and see if your insurance would cover protein drinks and bariatric vitamins so I went and filled the short form out, took all of 5 mins., and within 2 days, someone called me and said I was approved and they would be delivering free of charge, 2 cases of premiere protein shakes and bariatric vitamins to my door once a month.  Wow.

Great customer service and they do all the work.

If this doesn't work... google or bing insure nutrition.  It is a compounding pharmacy looking to serve the bariatric community. 


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Robin M.
on 9/20/13 12:53 pm - Biloxi, MS
VSG on 09/12/13
Thanks for the tip! I just applied to see if mine will cover it too!
on 9/20/13 1:10 pm

Thanks for the info...


I'm reposting the link as your link was misspelled.


on 9/20/13 9:38 pm - Retirement Ville, AZ
on 9/20/13 2:37 pm - Vancouver, WA

You are very fortunate because few actually do cover them. I would certainly check with the insurance company also just to make sure because I would think they need a prescription from the doctor to cover it at all. Just being cautious because I've had outfits tell me something is covered only to find out it was only partially and poorly covered.

on 9/20/13 9:35 pm - Retirement Ville, AZ

They called and received a prescription from my doctor which my doctor verified.

yeah, in today's world ... so right to be cautious. 

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Michele H.
on 9/20/13 7:15 pm - NJ

My Insurance Company or doctor never    heard   of  them, be cautious......  I read on a FB support  page of getting a big bill if/when insurance denies the claim.  My doctor  advised not to  give out my insurance information.  I hope it works for ,  please let us know






on 9/20/13 9:34 pm - Retirement Ville, AZ

Hi, it is a compounding pharmacy in So. CA and is part of CVS.  I will be wary, though.  Thanks for the heads up.  I spoke to the owner and they have been slammed with all the new health care regs and are looking for ways to boost their client list.  

I will be wary tho, thanks

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on 9/20/13 10:26 pm - Retirement Ville, AZ


Was the big bill from this pharmacy or from some other scam? 

Thanks!  Now I am worried...egads!

RNY 12/11/12  HW:230   SW:220   GW:140   CW:130  5ft 1










Michele H.
on 9/21/13 6:47 am - NJ

 from the place that  Shipped the products,  ship immediately, insurance takes a while  to process and possibly denied and then you already have  the stuff.    Please let us  know what happens......good luck, I hope  it works for you







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