on 4/3/16 2:57 pm

Hello all,

I am 6 weeks into my 3 month physician assisted weight loss, have done my EKG, lab work, psych eval, and my PCP is in the process of writing my letter of medical necessity.  To date I have lost about 15 pounds and I have been sampling different brands of protein.  So what's the problem you might ask.  Well, I am so ready for this to happen, but I can't help but be apprehensive about the hair loss.  I would appreciate any feedback on this subject.  How did you deal with your hair loss?  Should I start purchasing wigs?  How long will did it last?  That is just about the only thing that has me concerned.

Thank you for your input.

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Surgery 7/21/16

on 4/4/16 12:19 am
VSG on 12/29/15 with

Well all I can tell you is that the hair loss WILL happen no matter what you do. I had my surgery in December and I have recently started to notice the hair loss. It is distressing, but I am not going bald or anything so I don't think you will need a wig. I have fairly thick hair, so I don;t think that many people notice that hair loss but of course I do. I know that keeping your protein high will help some. Also I plan to start going to my hairdresser more often, currently I only go every 6 weeks when I need a relaxer but I plan to change it to every 2 weeks so she can deep condition it and kind of monitor things for me. I also plan to NOT get any braids or weave for awhile because I think during this stage my hair is too fragile for that. Unfortunately I don't know how long the hair loss will last, I think everyone is different, but from reading post on this site, we can be assured that it does stop and the hair does grow back. 



on 4/11/16 12:53 pm

I never had any hair loss.  Just make sure you take in all the required protein you are suppose to and you will be fine

on 4/12/16 10:45 am
VSG on 01/21/16

I would say try these three things: 

  • Moisturize 
  • Protective stylin
  • 5.000-10,000mg Biotin 

I have always had very fine hair, after I started wearing half wigs my hairline was pushed back a bit, and I had a little bit of crown balding. Be careful about pulling your hair too tight, and try to get in your vitamin, sleep, protein, and water. 

on 4/12/16 11:15 am

Thank you for the response.  I have seen people for Biotin and others say it doesn't do anything.  My hair is pretty thick and I have never worn wigs, weaves, ponytails or anything, so I think my biggest concern is what will happen post op.

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on 4/14/16 9:21 am
VSG on 01/21/16

Your welcome. My hair has been thinning out. When I heard about the hairloss I should expect after surgery I got really concerned. Just 2 days after my surgery my doctor sat down with us (the group of patients and I) and explaned that we need to take 10,000 grams of biotin daily or will will likely experience hair loss. I have been doing that religiously. I haven't experienced any hair loss!!! In fact, I would even dare to say that I have more hair than when I started. When I took the pill form of biotin I would get a few acne bumps around my back and hair line, but now (and I'm not sure if it's because I'm on a very low calories diet), but now I don't get any acne. I am currently taking the gummy form. I bought it from Walmart online. 

on 4/13/16 7:39 pm - Union City, CA
RNY on 08/23/10 with

My hair started to thin some but immediately I started taking biotin supplements and used coconut oil in my hair. I also avoided hairstyles that pulled my hair tight. Worked like a charm for me. 

L. 68
on 5/2/16 9:05 pm

My Surgery is scheduled for may 24th and i am also horrified of thinning hair  i started taking BIOTIN Sublingual about 1 month now ..  i leave it in my cup holder in the car and never miss a day.  Just pop it under my tongue and let it dissolve.  I also purchased all my vitamins in liquid, chewables, patches and subligual and have started that also ..  i think i am well prepared.  


good luck to you all

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L. 68
on 5/2/16 9:08 pm

oh and i also brought a couple of cases of the protein drink "PREMIER" from Costco and drink one every morning for breakfast on my way to work.  It has 30 grams of protein per 12oz carton.  So when i do my pre-op blood work (again) i can compare.  


"Your not a failure if you fall your a failure if you fall and don't get up"

" Beauty is Pain"

on 5/4/16 9:13 am

I too am proactively doing the vitamins and supplements.  I have been very cautious and not purchased just one kind of protein supplement because of the possible change in taste preference post op.  So my pantry looks like a store shelf with a variety of brands and flavors.  What I don't like I will hold on to for a while and try again.  If I am still unable to tolerate it after a while, I will donate it to my support group and someone else can enjoy it. 

I don't have my date yet as I was recently denied.  My surgeon's office is appealing and I hope in the next week or so I will hear good news. 

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Surgery 7/21/16

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