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on 3/15/17 5:33 pm - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 11/22/06 with
Topic: RE: Are there any old timers still in the forum?

I had the surgery in 11/22/2006. Lost @125, gained @25 back. Still trying to loss the 25. This is my first time on the site in a couple of years. Glad to see old timers, we are hard to find.

on 3/15/17 9:11 am
Topic: RE: Are there any old timers still in the forum?

I'm here had surgery in 2004 gained a lot of weight, need tips to get back on track.

on 3/11/17 3:24 pm
Revision on 03/29/17 with
Topic: RE: HI, Im new

I too had VSG 3/30/15 and developed a hiatal hernia and bile reflux. I have also gained 30 pounds in 7 months.

I am having revision surgery on 3/29/17 to RNY and hernia repair.

Right now, I only feel full when eating meat. This lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes. Then, I am hungry again. I feel my stomach is a bottomless's never satisfied, let alone full.

What may help is to eat frequent smaller meals (6 times daily vs. 3 daily).

Keep us posted with your progress and what is working for you.

on 2/20/17 9:36 am
VSG on 02/15/17
Topic: RE: What's up, Doc? One hurdle vaulted, many more to go.


I know you are excited I will also be undergoing Surgery this year. I currently live OH as well. Im on my 4th out 6 Month diet.  I have been cleared from everyone except my Nutritionist who stated that I should be cleared after April. Wi**** was alot sooner. 

on 2/13/17 11:12 am
RNY on 01/26/17
Topic: RE: HI, Im new
I am a new member here. I had RNY on 1/26/17. I have read on this board the importance of treating your reflux and how it can make you believe you are hungry. I will do more research on it.




* New member and I'm happy to be here- RNY 1/26/117

on 2/1/17 2:43 pm
VSG on 03/09/17

I am a lovely lady of Alpka KappaAlpha Sorority, Incorporated!  

SKEE Wee!!!!!!

Lia D
on 2/1/17 8:05 am - Waldorf, MD
RNY on 01/15/04 with
Topic: RE: Missed my actual surgiversary day

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your response.  I wish you the best on this life long journey.



Lia D
on 2/1/17 8:02 am - Waldorf, MD
RNY on 01/15/04 with
Topic: RE: Missed my actual surgiversary day

Thank you much for the accolades.  I don't feel like I've done a good job yet so I really appreciate your comment.  I am still trying and won't give up.  Good luck to you on your journey. 




on 1/28/17 7:44 pm - Youngstown, OH
Topic: What's up, Doc? One hurdle vaulted, many more to go.

Well, I had my first consult w/ the surgeon Jan. 19th 2017, here in Youngstown, OH, and Dr. Woodruff has accepted me as a patient. Yippee! However, I requested a 2nd consult w/ him because instead of the 90minute session I was told it would be, it was roughly 20 & never got to ask my grocery list length of questions. I was a bit miffed   about that and I felt although he's congenial, he's a bit aloof too [it's not like he had another for two more hours I was informed by a staff member]. I sought out reviews of him on google & and this seems to be his "M.O.", but he does good work so I've read [no current reviews though on this site.  had to Google for a few recent. [sadly not everyone gives a review.  even searched YouTube.  Zilch.], I've exhausted my other options and this is the best fit for me anyway. The staff member obliged & bariatric nurse obliged & said, "of course they'll set the appt." Since he's only in the office on Thursday mornings, I'll be seeing him Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 8AM.

  So now I've many specialist appointments and tests I must take to meet the surgeon's and my insurance's requirements. Luckily, as I scanned his & my insurance's requirement list, I've accomplished a good number of these in Nov. & Dec. of 2016 and in early January because I was always thinking ahead and recalled what other patients had done. I also met w/ my Pulmonologist and she's faxing him my sleep study results and a letter of CLEARANCE for Surgery.  YAY!  I've since booked the other doctors [these I'll be meeting for the first time] and all will take place during mornings in February and March . Except the support group meetings. Those are on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month @ 6-ish PM. Looking forward to it.  Cheers. 

on 1/28/17 7:42 pm - Youngstown, OH
Topic: RE: Are there any old timers still in the forum?

Hi, I'm only now just making some headway and have finally been able to sit down w/ a bariatric surgeon here in Youngstown, OH, and I've been w/ since 2002!  I usually post on the General Discussion board.


Also many people, w/ video cams/ webcams, are doing Vlogs of their weight loss journey on YouTube and/ or posting on Bypass and VSG groups on FB and other social networks.


But will always be the place I first interacted w/ & saw b4 & after pics of people that looked like me all aspiring for the same thing(s); sorta similar goals.  To be slimmer, healthier, more ambulatory and active and to LIVE-- not just exist.




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