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on 8/8/17 6:46 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I have had RNY, which is very drastic. It totally changed my life, however. I have to very careful with my nutrient intake and anemia. If given the choice now, I would probably have a gastric sleeve procedure. Let me say, that Its all about following the rules stringently and loving yourself through the whole process of weight loss. Best wishes,


Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

on 8/8/17 6:42 pm - Somewhere in time, SC
on 8/8/17 6:40 pm - Somewhere in time, SC
Topic: RE: Impact On Relationships

Nervousness is justifiable.. Yes, people who were never romantically or sexually interested in you before your WLS, want to suddenly marry you and buy homes together. You are on such a high after WLS, you can't see the forest from the tress, sometimes. It feels so good to be thinner and in control of our food intake that its kind of like a natural high.

Often post-surgically, our endorphins kick in and we see the world through rose colored glasses, then reality kicks in..... Be careful and prayerful in making decisions as you start reaching your goal weight. Substantially more people are interested in our exteriors, which builds confidence. It also makes one think about the relationships that were supportive pre=op. I would suggest avoiding long term commitments until you are used to functioning at your goal weight. Impulsivity can be a huge problem during this "honeymoon period". I KNOW from experience. I fell madly in love and as my WLS aged, I became more grounded about my confidence and likes/dislikes. I have tried to keep myself rea,l but enjoy the journey. I'm at 10 years out and have passed through several relationships that changed over time, partially due to weight loss and regain. Make sure your relationship stays solid through the ups and downs of WLS. Many blessings to everybody in relationships. Good iuck and stay grounded!

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

Frankie Lee
on 7/31/17 5:55 pm - WI
RNY on 08/03/04 with
Frankie Lee
on 7/31/17 5:54 pm - WI
RNY on 08/03/04 with
Topic: RE: Are there any old timers still in the forum?

Hay... my surgiversary is aug 4, 2004... wow just realized it's coming soon...i still come tgru once n a while...i was looking at pictures from our trip to dc and atl... it was fun...

Seek Heaven
on 7/23/17 1:15 am, edited 7/22/17 6:16 pm
Topic: RE: Sleeve Revision to DS on 6/23/17!

EDIT - Realised you already had the surgery.

on 7/21/17 12:00 pm
Revision on 03/29/17
Topic: RE: Newbie


As you can see, this forum can be quiet at times. OH is a great place to research the different surgeries and what may work for you.

I wish you much success on your journey.

on 7/16/17 6:54 pm
Topic: Newbie

Good evening all!

I'm new to the site and PreOp to either RNY or the Gastric Sleeve. I don't have a date yet, but I'm shooting for November once my mandatory 12-week classes are complete in October.

I look forward to sharing with all of you.

Diva G
on 7/7/17 6:36 am - cincinnati, OH
Topic: RE: Are there any old timers still in the forum?

I had surgery 04/05/2005. I have just recently checked back in. I must say the site is a little bit different than before. Still working to maintain." _savedurl=" >">>

on 6/27/17 4:13 pm, edited 6/27/17 9:15 am - Charlotte, NC
RNY on 12/27/05 with
Topic: RE: HI, Im new

Hi Brute, have any of your doctors checked for vitamin /mineral deficiencies as well as thyroid antibodies? Now I admit to not knowing much about vsg since I had rny in '05, but I do know that I came back deficient in vit D, B12, folic acid and some other things, which I have to take otc supplements for, and as well I had to start taking methylcobalamin shots (b12). You might want to have some blood work done and see of anything is out of wack. And over time I suggest you continue to get them done and compare new levels to old levels as time goes on. Dr's will just look at ranges and tell you everything is OK. You need to look at your own results and see what your body is doing over the years. Most times for wls patients, a deficiency is telling you your body needs food

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