Weight Loss and Gain With Cancer

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RNY on 12/04/15

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Some of you are aware that 2 1/2 months after my RNY, last December, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  My cancer medical team was concerned with the fact of being a new bariatic patient so close to being a new oncology patient, that I would lose weight too rapidly, which is not good when undergoing chemo.  To say the least I have been watched very closely and I have been able to maintain a healthy balance.

My chemo treatments have been every 3 weeks.  I managed to keep my oncologist happy by only losing about 5 pounds during each 3 week period.  My bariatric NUT and surgeon have been okay with my slower weight loss since I have a good reason.  They said we will get back to whatever I need to do for weight loss after the cancer crap is out if me.

Even being on chemo I have been able to lose 104.4 lbs.  Each chemo treatment I gain 7 lbs of fluid that takes me a week to lose.  Then last week I was hospitalized and had emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction, which turned out to be an internal pelvic hernia.  

During my 5 days in the hospital, with IV fluids being pumped into me 24/7, I gained 15 pounds.  I was not allowed anything by mouth for 2 days, then I was finally put on a clear liquid diet for 1.5 days.  The last day I was put on a regular bariatric diet, but I had no appetite so I just sipped on my Premier Protein shake, that my hubs brought from home, and decaf tea.

Even being home I still don't yet have an appetite so I am thankful for my Premier Protein shakes for getting my protein.  Between not completely losing my hospital IV fluids and then Chemo yesterday, which is good for gaining 7 lbs of fluid, it won't be until the end of next week before I know my actual weight.

My double mastectomy will be in 4.5 weeks.  I am prepared for a large weight gain from IV fluids.  I will weigh myself the morning of surgery and then not again for a few week after.  This should be interesting to say the least.

67 yrs old, 4'10", BMI 31.8 (51.8 at start), HW 256.4 (8/4/15), SW 217.4, CW 152.8 (4/30/18), GW 125.0, RNY 12/4/15 Dr. RoseMarie Jones, Breast Cancer DX 2/16, Bi-lateral mastectomy 8/9/16.

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VSG on 10/11/17

Hi, I have not had bariatric surgery yet but I do understand the battle of weight gain with cancer.  Steroids helped to put many extra pounds on me and I did the fluid gain and loss many times.  I hope you have been doing well in your treatment. I think it is good advice to concentrate on kicking cancers butt first. Eat to be healthy.  Good luck.