Psych Eval - Diabetes

on 11/3/17 7:46 am

Good morning!

I'm preop, and had my Psych Eval last night, and it was so frustrating! He ended the meeting by saying, he wouldn't note it in the report, and wouldn't impede me from moving forward, but he had great concerns because my diabetes isn't well controlled. I work with my pcp, I take my medicines, it's just a work in progress.

Diabetes control is my main motivator for surgery, and I felt attacked without being heard. This is a 15 year decision in the making - I was approved 15 years ago and decided not to move forward. I now feel the maturity, ability to commit, and a worthiness of a longer life makes it the right time for me.

I just felt like my character was being questioned because my diabetes isn't perfect yet. Just venting, but glad it's off the list :)

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