Feeling tired after getting labs drawn?

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on 6/21/10 10:10 am
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This is probably a Captain Obvious sort of question, but I'm going to go ahead with it anyway. 

Does anyone else feel really exhausted for a day or two after your labs are drawn? I just had my 16 vials taken Saturday (plus 2 wasted tubes because the idiotic woman didn't know what she was doing or how the human anatomy works!). Anyway, I felt a little lagging for the rest of the weekend, but not too bad. But after running around all day today, I feel dead on my feet. 

Even though it's 48 hours later, I'm wondering if it could be related to the 18 tubes of blood? Could maybe my iron have dipped or something? If anyone else experiences this, I'd be interested to know.
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Maybe it is just the thought.. it looks like a lot of blood, but its not that much...

 got this from yahoo...someone asked about getting 3 vials drawn..

The volume of blood that a Vacutainer tube draws out of you is small, and can range from about 1 ml (for the tiny pediatric tubes) to about 10 ml for the normal sized tubes. There may be larger ones that I'm not familiar with.

The three tubes that were withdrawn from you represent about 30 ml at the most, which is one ounce (like a small medicine cupful)

In contrast, blood donation is about a pint, or 450-500 ml (they actually weigh the blood, so the volume varies), and that's about 10% of what most people have in their bodies.


http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080130104842AA xKwlq

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Im pre-op and probably have a lot more blood to spare, but I feel fine.

I just had my pre-op blood work done this afternoon and it was crazy. I went in with a script and a list of all the vitalady tests I wanted done. It was about 15 tubes, then when I got home they called me back to do 3 more.

BTW, they didnt do Vit-B (1 or 6) because the Dr. didnt tell them blood or plasma?? Figured it wasnt too big a deal because it wasnt even on the surgeons list, just one of the extras I requested

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Girl No, you are not alone. I"m preop, and the first time I had my blood drawn for ths precedure I was exhausted and irritable.  I was so exhausted I cancelled a trip, I just did not feel like going thru the whole airport experience with the energy I had.  Last week I had my blood drawn and I was tired the next day that I had to lay down in the middle of the day, and that is so not me.

You are not alone,

I'm already slightly anemic.
Emily F.
on 6/21/10 10:46 am
I think it could also be dehydrated. It is a lot of blood they take. I don't care what anybody says! lol.
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on 6/21/10 11:44 am
I've never noticed a difference.
on 6/21/10 12:00 pm
Hell yeah.  Especially if you are on a 12 hour fast and off all vitamins before the draw (I am).  Considering I normally have at least 45 grams of protein in me and alot of fluid by the time I leave the house, going NPO for 12 hours really takes it out of me. 

Do you take your protein and a drink with you to the lab?  My phlebotomist babe laughs at me because I come in with my thermos and my morning protein.  I can snarf it down as soon as the last vial is drawn.  I feel a little better when I do it that way.  

I think it takes that much out of me because I normally drink alot even in the middle of the night.   

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on 6/21/10 10:29 pm
Thanks Sheanie, I will definitely try this for the next round of blood drawing.
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on 6/21/10 12:01 pm
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Hi Jenna - I don't know anything about this - just wanted to say that I hope you feel back to your wonderful self soon.

Debbie M.

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on 6/21/10 9:51 pm
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 Aww, thanks Debbie. I'm feeling like a million bucks today, so who knows what that was about?
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