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DS on 11/08/17

I had my surgery a couple weeks ago and I was wondering how other people handled Thanksgiving. What did people eat if they've had surgery recently. I'm already eating meat and what not so everything else is a blur.

on 11/22/17 1:29 am - VA

My surgery was a few months before Thanksgiving and was still adjusting greatly. I add dark turkey meat and a maybe a bite or 2 of each of the side dishes. My stomach made crazy noises afterwards and I provided great entertainment for my family. I cooked, so I was more in control of what was served but it was mostly a traditional Thanksgiving fare. I think I made mock mashed potatoes from cauliflower but everything else was same as usual.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. :-)


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Valerie G.
on 11/23/17 4:09 am, edited 11/22/17 9:50 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

I'm glad you're enjoying meats already! I was three weeks out for my first post-op Thanksgiving, so I'm happy to share my strategy, which continues today 12 years later. When the turkey plate comes around, go for the dark meat because it's moister, and then add some gravy to make it easier to eat. Focus on that as your key item of the meal, but if you feel like it, enjoy a bite or two of whatever else appeals to you. If you focused well on that protein, you won't have the capacity to get yourself into trouble with indulging.

This is my strategy for any good meal. I get my protein, enjoy the treats never feeling deprived, but not having room to overindulge. To me, it's perfect.

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