My gas could choke horses in a barn!

on 1/1/18 11:48 pm

To be fair, I've been terrible with eating decisions and have lived with no restrictions on carbs, sugars, food of any kind. I had the SADi 3+ years ago and was very underweight from 10 months until recently. As a result, I graze constantly all day long.

The gas situation has been terrible, and I just recently stopped eating bread and sweeteners with polyols (e.g. sorbitol), and it has been a huge plus in reducing gas. I've recently seen info on FODMAP foods which are "short chain" carbs that don't get absorbed well in the small intestines and cause gas and bloating. I'm not sure but this seems like it may be relevant for DSers in general.

One thing I've noticed is that I can eat most dairy (but limit milk), most sugar (no sorbitol and very limited to no high fructose corn syrup), no bread or rolls but some thin crust pizzas. For me white flour is definitely out of the question but I'm wondering if maybe other variations like bread flour or wheat flour are ok.

It seems like no one food type is out, but variations (FODMAP says no wheat, no whey, no onion or garlic) may be ok based on trial and error.

on 1/2/18 6:20 am

High dosage of Probiotic works for me.

No pure milk products...I still eat cheese, but not as bad and I am conscious of it..

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Valerie G.
on 1/2/18 8:48 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

So I take it the surgeons promoting SADI for less gas isn't working out in real life! Oh well, that means you're more like the rest of us, so here's what I've seen over the last 12 years or so of DSers since SADI hasn't been around half that long:

I cannot tolerate milk at all. The gas comes fast and peels paint, then diarrhea a couple of hours later, so it's never worth it. That being said, cheese, half&half and heavy cream do fine for me so I can bank on some precious fat and protein, still. I cant imagine getting my protein in without cheese!

Flour is a common gas demon for all of us. Onions for me are a special form of torture for me and my loved ones, and it was once a staple in my life at every meal. It took me a couple of years to figure that one out. Those artificial sweeteners are another demon, some worse than others. If I want sweet I'll now just have plain sugar or stevia if its around. Nothing more artificial if I can help it.

Another thing to consider is your consumption of probiotic foods (or pills). I can notice by the smell of my gas and stools if my gut bacteria is getting out of balance. It's a distinct sour smell that hangs around a long time. Many take pills that contain a bazillion bugs, but I prefer raw unfiltered Apple-cider vinegar (ACV), with the mother (that's the cloudy film on the bottom of the bottle - natural goodness for your gut). A 1-2oz shot of ACV every couple of days keeps my system in good health. I started using ACV by drinking Dr.Bragg ACV drinks, but they got pricey so I looked up recipes on how to make them myself at home. I was making my own grape and ginger spice drinks in no time. Over time I got lazy and just started braving a quick shot like you would a medicine. I make a face and chase it down with something else, but it's quick and does the trick.

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on 1/3/18 11:21 am

Val, it's not the SADi; that part has been a home run for me. The reason for the gas relates to my poor eating decisions whi*****lude around 3 to 4k calories and 350 to 400 grams of carbs each day with no regard to any food combinations.

My experience is very similar to yours with white flour, onions, garlic and artificial sweeteners (sorbitol) causing serious gas. I had it completely wrong the first 3 years thinking the gas was a result of pending bowel movements that gave off awful smells. I just recently finally accepted that losing weight and maintaining was only the first part, now the composition of the food is my priority.

It seems like many carbs are no problem, and only certain items trigger an issue. e.g. Candy with high fructose corn syrup is a major problem (like toffee) but not candy with corn syrup (peanut m&m's).

I'm still not sure about the probiotic part but I've experienced the same differentiation in gas smells you mentioned. I may follow your advice and go back to straight up shots of ACV from time to time to keep that in check.

Beam me up Scottie
on 1/4/18 5:54 pm
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I don't know, I don't' have issues with white flour or artificial sweeteners (except -ols).

The only thing that sets me off is TOO much fat and dairy (i've been lactose intolerance since I was a teen).

You may want to try a round of Flagyl. Your PCP can give it to you, Dr. R is not a big fan. You can also buy it through the internet (or if you go to Mexico in the near future they sell it everywhere).


FYI: Probiotics give me more gas.

Janet P.
on 1/5/18 6:34 am

I just replied to Babette's Feast's post about this very subject. We are all different but you did mention sugar alcohols. I absolutely do not touch anything with sugar alcohols. Major gas and stink and pain. White flour doesn't bother me much (sometimes I wi**** did).

We are all different. I know you're 3 years post-op but things change. Tolerances change.

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