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Dawnyel B.
on 2/12/12 11:53 am
Topic: RE: Failed sleeve - DS or bypass next?
I had my sleeve done 7/10/2007. My surgeon had done 10 sleeves before mine, thats right.. TEN.

My highest weight was 300. I lost 83 pounds before I had surgery, and on surgery day I was 217. At my 5-6mo checkup I was 175, and he told me that I wasn't going to loose anymore with the way I was eating, that I was going  to have to excersize. I added excersize and got down to 145 by 8 months out. I was happy, soooo happy.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant and kept having miscarriages. We finally got pregnant with a keeper and I was 185 when I delivered. I went down to 160, then 175 and got pregnant again. Went up to 208 and now my son is a year and no matter what I do I cant get below 175. I got pg 11mo post op, and its been 4 years since then and I'm lost when it comes to how many carbs and proteins to eat. I'm afraid I cant loose any more weight either..


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