Golds Gym vs Planet Fitness

on 11/21/11 6:43 am
Have both in our town. Price comparable. I want a place to run, a few basic resistance machines, maybe recumbent bike. Also enjoy just dribbling basketball up and down a court. Please advise.  Thanks!
(deactivated member)
on 11/21/11 11:12 am - TX
I belonged to Gold's Gym for three years and worked out during lunch everyday because it was right next door to work. I now belong to Planet Fitness, which is closer to my home, and I workout first thing in the morning everyday.

Planet Fitness is a bare bones gym. No child care, no pool, no basketball court, and the classes offered are sessions for about five people for different types of training for abs, chest, mostly weights type stuff. BUT - it costs $10 a month and its open 24 hours. Gold's was costing me $35 a month plus a contract (2 years I think?), and I never could make their classes fit into my schedule. The other difference? Planet Fitness has trainers for about $25 a session and I paid $60 a session at Gold's.

If you are the type of person who can spend two hours at the gym and take advantage of the pool, classes, steam sauna, hot tub, child care, etc....then its probably worth the $35 a month. If you have to get in there and get out, like me, Planet Fitness is the way to go.
Earl C.
on 11/21/11 1:26 pm - Circleville, OH
Gyms usually let you have a day or even a week pass to try them out. I would try them both and see which one fits your needs.

Personally I wouldn't step near a Planet Fitness. They don't appear to like it if you want to really workout and train hard.
on 11/21/11 9:32 pm - Cumming, GA
what he said... i would try them out (at least get a tour of each) and choose which one works for you the best.  i've noticed in my travels (i've done a lot of day passes at various gyms including gold's and planet fitness) that not all chain gyms are created equally.
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on 11/22/11 3:58 am - TX
In response to the what the other poster said about PF, I've had WAY better luck with "help" there than I ever did at Gold's or the pricier Spectrum I used to belong to. I'm sure it just depends on the personnel and the club itself, but if you do join there, take advantage of the training classes that are free on all the machines, as well as the classes for designing your own workout. There are usually less than five people signed up for these and they are very helpful.

They also have a thirty minute circuit for cardio/weight training - kind of like an "express" thing - that got me on the way to free weight training. Its a really good workout if you are just starting out with no experience lifting weights.
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