weekly work out 7:10:17

on 7/9/17 6:29 pm - Canada

Great week of training for me. Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the summer

Monday s/f 30 minutes

Tue 60 minutes swim speed focus

Wed 45 run 60 minute swim

Thursday 20 minute s/f 60 minute run with 5 hills

Friday 50 minute bike ride

Saturday 60 minute swim than onto the bike for a 70 minute ride

Sunday 80 minute easy ride

Gwen M.
on 7/10/17 7:40 am
VSG on 03/13/14

This is my last week of exercise restriction! YAY!!

I'm at the point where I really miss exercise but the idea of starting again terrifies me. Will I be able to forward fold in yoga? Will I be able to raise my arms in Tai Chi? And Pilates?! I have to roll on my side to get out of bed still and Pilates is like ALL abdomen. How will that work?! And the idea of running and the bouncing?? AAAAAAAAAAH.

So.. yeah. I'm scared.

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Reconstructive Surgeries with Dr. Michaels - 6/5/2017 (LBL & brachioplasty), 8/14/2017 (UBL & mastopexy), 11/6/2017 (medial leg lift)

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on 7/10/17 2:42 pm - Canada

So happy that you can go back to exercising. I am only give one advice that is always given to me by my trainer. Listen to your body. It will let you know what you can handle. Let me know how it goes

on 7/10/17 2:56 pm
WLS on 12/21/15 with

I 2nd Highland! Great advise you can take to the bank! Everyone is different and it is so not worth hurting yourself while trying to get healthy. You body will tell you.

on 7/10/17 2:57 pm - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

After a week of laying on a beach in Jamaica (with a few workouts in the gym, some hiking and ziplining), I'm back at it this week.

Monday - Fencing 2 hours

Tuesday - TRX 1 hour

Wednesday - Fencing 2.5 hours

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Personal trainer 1 hour

Saturday - Strength training workout

Sunday - Rest

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

on 7/10/17 6:22 pm - Canada

Welcome back. Hope you had a great time.

on 7/10/17 7:57 pm - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

Thanks. Had a blast in Jamaica. Felt it tonight at fencing -- my timing was off, I was sucking wind chasing opponents down the strip and couldn't commit to finishing moves. But it was great to be back on the strip. A bad night on the strip is better than no fencing at all!

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

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