What soups are allowed during the liquid diet.

on 8/8/10 8:27 am
Hello All I am currently pre-op and is on the liquid diet does anyone know what soups are allowed. I have been drinking chicken broth but I much rather have a nice tasty soup any suggestions?
on 8/8/10 8:42 am - Hill AFB, UT
   I am on this damn liquid diet as well (sorry, I'm a little grumpy ) Every surgeon is different, but I've been told I can have clear soups only and low sodium. Therefore, I can strain any "broth like" soups, but that's too much work for me. I've just been making giant mugs of chicken bullion with water. It may have more salt than he wants me to have but I look at it this way, I'm already starving myself, I'd like to enjoy what little bit of nutrition I am getting in. I just don't add extra salt. This will be my third day on this. How far along are you? Here is what my day looks like:

4 protein shakes with skim milk
chicken bullion
sugar free Popsicles
sugar free jell-o
crystal light
decaf coffee
multi vitamin

My surgeon wanted me to do this clear liquid diet 7 days prior to surgery, but I started 3 days early. I wanted to make sure that my liver is good and small for him.

This has been harder than when I  quit smoking four years ago!
Good luck to you on yours!

on 8/8/10 9:09 am
Hi Jen, It is day 3 for me also. I was only advised to do it for 5 days.It has not been too bad but I know I will be grouchy after the surgery since I will still be on liquids.
I have mostly been drinking the 2 to 3 special K protein shakes, low calorie gatorade, water, a sugar free popsicle swansons chicken broth bc it is pretty tasty.

Best Wishes on your surgery
on 8/8/10 9:15 am
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for some reason my clinic allowed v8 juice pre op. Atleast after surgery your stomach will be swollen so you are really not hungry. You have to make yourself sip, sip


on 8/8/10 9:22 am
thanks for the sugession Tamara, good luck!
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on 8/8/10 9:49 am
Look in the health food section at your store..I found miso powdered soup. There are many clear or almost clear soups in dry form..I just tried to find as much variety as possible. I chewed gum a lot also...gave me something to  chew

Good luck
this too shall pass !!!
on 8/8/10 10:55 am
I had to do a 10 liquid diet and I was allowed Campbells Soup at hand, any flavor or type.  I have to say I lived on the Creamy Tomato but I also did not have to do clear liquids like some do. 
I may not be in controll but God is!!!  I am loosing my way to Scotland!!

on 8/8/10 11:07 am - Apache Junction, AZ
Hi, Tiredbbw, Your diet is exactlly like mine, but I have to do mine for 2 weeks.  AND it's the second time around for me.  I did this back in May for 12 days and ended up in the ER and had to postpone my Lap Band.  Now I have 3 more days to go!!  No problem the first time around, just gave myself little pep-talks.  This time...........I have been a total grouch!!!!  I am surprised my husband is still here.  LOL Looking forward to the cream soups, cottage cheese and SF pudding.  Good Luck to us!!!  Susan
on 8/8/10 1:08 pm - Oceanside, NY
Meat broth and veggie broth are nice changes bu****ch out for the salk intake. Ice pops and jello too
on 8/8/10 7:57 pm
My best friend on the liquid diet was the Miso Soup..I went to the Japanese restaurant and got a quart and it would last a few days...Sf ice pops helped also..I had to be on the preop diet for 14 days...Someone also told me about Lipton Cup of soup..Creamy Chicken flavor...60 calories..powder form...that helped tremendously...Hang in there..it gets better!