Any coffee creamer/whitener when on pre-surgery Optifast?

on 10/18/17 2:19 pm
RNY on 11/20/17

Hi All,

I'm preparing for my surgery in late November, and I started my first week of a 5 week Optifast diet. It's not bad, I don't mind the shakes though the hunger pains are rough and the lack of energy is making work tough, but I'll manage. I have been on decaf coffee for over a year, but because I'm on Optifast and I am not supposed to eat anything other than the shakes, and because I like cream in my coffee, I've been off it. However, I'd really, REALLY love some coffee in the morning. Does anyone know of or have experience with some type of coffee creamer or whitener that I can use and not blow my Optifast-only diet? I'm tempted to just mix up a vanilla Optifast shake and use it, but the instructions indicate that it "should be consumed immediately after preparation".

Any ideas would be appreciated, I just want a cup of coffee... Thanks.

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