Met a Surgeon

on 11/10/17 2:08 pm

I met with Dr. Urbach today. Signed consent forms and ordered my Optifast.

TWH isn't giving out surgery dates right now because of the back up, so the wait continues. I'm just hoping the surgery is before May 2018.

I've been reading the books recommended in the package and trying to get my act together to stop gaining weight.

Come on, girl! Haha

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on 11/10/17 3:29 pm

You are putting the into reading and that is great. Soon the phone will ring. It might be forever but it will.

The Optifast will make you stop gaining weight fast. I have been on it a week and have lost 10 pounds already.

You got this!


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on 11/12/17 9:09 am

Woohoo; that's awesome! The next step is a surgery date and the start of Opti. I hope the wait won't be too long. You're in the final stretch now.

Pre-Op Visit: Jan. 10, 2017, weight 304, surgeon: Dr. David Lindsay, St. Joe's, Toronto

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Surgery Date: Feb. 1st, 2017


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