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I'm down 1.4 Lbs this week, for a total of 110.8 Lbs gone; yay!

I'm amazed I am continueing to lose as I upped my calories from 500 or so a day to 700-800 per day, for the past two weeks.  L...

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Thanks, Kathy. I googled it and it's pretty common, especially for...

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I lost 3.8 Lbs this week; woohoo!  That's my biggest weekly loss in weeks and weeks.  So I'm down 109.4 Lbs now, and weighed 194.6 this morning.  I always feel so great when I get below the 5 in ea...

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Hi guys,

The other day I posted about my itchy rash; thanks for all of your helpful responses. The doctor says it's an allergic reaction to something. The only things that have changed recently are my detergent brand and deodorant (I usually

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Hey guys,

I'm down a bit over 105 Lbs in just over 6 months, and for the past two weeks have had a lot of itchy, raised red dots on my upper under arms, where the loose skin is, behind my knees, and, weirdly, on my breasts and upper chest (no l

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Kathy. I'd so love to meet one day.

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I had some wonderful NSV's yesterday!  I bought some new tops because size XL is too big for me.  I went back to the same store in the mall as last time...can't think of the name, and every single ...

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So glad you had a better day! Yeah, going slowly is key this early...

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Hi guys,

I'm so happy! I am in Onederland. I wasn't sure I'd get here because I normally keep my carbs at around 30 grams per day or lower but was out at camp and although I did eat protein forward every day, I couldn't use my fitness pal (no

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I was away at our family camp on Lake Superior for 3 days and missed my weigh in day on Wednesday. I was hoping I had hit Onederland this week but wasn't sure how well I'd done as I didn't have Internet out there and couldn't log my food with Myfitnes

Kathy1212 wrote Onderland, woohoo! AND 3 nights at our Family Camp. 2 weeks, 5 days ago

I'm so happy!  I spent 3 days out at our family camp, on Lake Superior, and was away from my scales, myfitnesspal, etc. but still managed to eat healthy.  

My official weigh in day is on Wed...

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Thanks, Kathy! The entire way was paved roads, until I got to the...

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Hi all,

Last summer I bought a bright, shiny new bike and fell in love with it. It took a few days for the bike shop to get it ready because I wanted fenders and a back rack with basket installed. On the day I went to pick it up, I met a coup

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Thanks, Kathy! I had fun!

Kathy1212 wrote Just Got Back from my First Bike Camping Trip! 1 month ago

Hi guys,

Big NSV: I went bike camping, aka bike packing, aka, on a mini overnight bike tour...something I only dreamed of doing 100 Lbs ago!

My bike's back panniers were fully loaded,...

Kathy1212 wrote I'm going on my bike camping trip today! 1 month ago

I'm so excited!  The weather and my gear are finally cooperating and I'm leaving for my bike camping trip shortly.

I'm a bit nervous as I've never ridden a loaded bike before.  My back panni...

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I can't imagine how awful it would be to lose a husband. I grieve...

Kathy1212 wrote 24 Weeks Post Op, 32 km bike ride, interesting NSV 1 month ago

I had a pretty good week.  I'm only down 1.2 Lbs this week, which brings me to 102 Lbs lost, and only 2.1 Lbs away from Onederland, but I'm happy with it.

I went for a 32 km bike ride, and i...