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Hi guys,

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.

I'm doing great, down 72.8 Lbs at 11.5 weeks out. I'm walking, riding my bike, and swimming. Everything is good except I get dizzy spells sometimes.

I'm usually OK if I walk or b

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I'm so excited! I've been wanting to start swimming again for the longest time, but first I had to wait for my incisions to heal, then I got pneumonia and had to recover from that, and then my truc...

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I"m 11 weeks post op RNY and lost 70.8 Lbs so far. I have a hard...

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Add ice to Optifast. Experiment with sugar free syrups, extracts, Crystal Light, coffee granules, etc., to add favor. Use blender.

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Hi guys!

I can hardly believe I'm 11 weeks out today; how did the time go by so quickly?

I was really pleased when I got on the scale this morning to discover I am 233.2 Lbs now. I'm down 70.8 Lbs since starting Optifast! I can hardly

Kathy1212 wrote 11 Weeks Post Op, down 70.8 Lbs! 1 week ago

Woohoo! I weighed 233.2 Lbs this morning.  I'm down 70.8 Lbs now!  It's almost impossible for me to believe I weighed 304 Lbs a few short months ago, and now I'm 233.2!!!  Only 3.2 more Lbs to go a...

Kathy1212 wrote 10 Weeks Post Op, down 67.6 Lbs now! 2 weeks, 1 day ago

I weighed 236.4 Lbs this morning!  That's a total weight loss of 67.6 Lbs since starting Opti, at a weight of 304.  I'm down 5.2 Lbs since last week, which is my biggest loss in quite a while!  So ...

Kathy1212 wrote I hit the 230's! Woohoo! 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Today's not my official weigh in day, but when I woke up this morning my face looked thinner so I got on the scale and was amazed to see it read 239.2!  I am out of the 240's; woohoo!  Also out of ...

Kathy1212 wrote 9 Weeks Post Op, down 62.4 Lbs! 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Woohoo; I'm down 62.4 Lbs since Optifast!  I lost 3.2 Lbs this week; so happy the scale is moving properly again. I was 241.6 this morning, and my starting weight was...

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I'm so excited! I signed up for the Great Cycle Challenge, Canada, and pledged to ride 75 km in the month of June to help raise money to fight cancer in children.

I hope it won't rain every day in June, lol.

Kathy1212 wrote 8 Weeks Post Op RNY, down 59.2 Lbs...almost at 60, lol. 4 weeks ago

I'm a day late with this post; yesterday was actually my 8 week surgiversary.  I was down to 244.8 this morning.  Last week I was 246, so that's a 1.2 Lb loss.  Last week that would have drove me m...

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HI Kathy, Thank you! I've been watching my sodium content; it's...

Kathy1212 wrote 7 Weeks Post Op, down 57Lbs since starting Opti 1 month ago

I had a slow weight loss week this week; only down 1.4 Lbs. I'm down 57 Lbs altogether since my pre op diet though, so that's pretty good for 10 weeks (since Opti sta...

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Hi guys. When I logged in just now, Firefox gave me a log in warning, accompanied by an icon showing a lock with a line crossed through it. It said, "Not a secure connection; your log in details can be viewed by others". Did anyone else get that ?</

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Since starting back on purees yesterday, I've noticed that when I'm almost finished my meal, I will hiccup, once. Is that my body's cue to stop eating, lol? I've decided it is, but is that crazy of me, lol?

So far, no pain after eating, thank

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Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since my surgery!  Even bedridden with pneumonia, the time is flying by.

I'm feeling better than I was but still coughing a lot and short of breath whe...

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I am down 51.4 Lbs total since starting this journey with 3 weeks of Optifast on January 18th, 2017. My starting weight was 304 Lbs.

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So, I am feeling like crap. I spent the entire day at the ER. I thought it was just my asthma, and after almost 8 hours in the ER, found out I have pneumonia. So now I'm on antibiotics and hopefully they will work to clear things up.

The doc

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Good morning!

I was told (at my one month post op appt) to add skim milk powder to my soups, etc., to up the protein content. So I bought some, but don't know whether or not it's even worth it.

One serving size is 4 tbsp, and has 13 g

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Thank you! I love spending time with my Dad.

Kathy1212 wrote One Month Post Op! 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I lost 5 pounds this week, for a total of 46.6 Lbs gone since ...

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you all so very much for your support and encouragement about my test results last Friday.

I had my 1 month po