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Thank you so much, Kathy!

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I am so happy!  I stepped on the scales this morning and weighed 174.6, which is a 1.6 Lb loss for the week, and a 129.4 Lb loss all together, and my BMI is now within the OVERWEIGHT range!  


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Hi friends,

I have some exciting news. I weighed 174.6 today, and have now, according to the BMI chart, beat Obesity!

I am 5'4" tall, and was 304 when I started this journey with Optifast last January 11th, and my BMI was 52.18, Obese C

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Thanks so much for your support, Kathy. I still have 22-32 Lbs to...

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10 months ago today I had RNY gastric bypass surgery in Toronto Ontario, Canada, with Dr. David Lindsay.  

My starting weight, 3 weeks prior to the surgery date, was 304, and I managed to lo...

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Thank you, Penny. Ferrets are so cute. I'm lucky the hamster...

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I'm writing this a day late, but as of yesterday morning (my official weigh in day), I  weighed in at 177.4 and am down 1.6  Lbs for the week, for a total of 126.6 Lbs gone. 

I'm so glad the...

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I just bought a new (to me) full length winter coat with a hood at the Value Village. It's from Cleo's and is a size 12 and fits perfectly. I know I wear size 12 pants now but couldn't believe I could get into a size 12 coat.

I kept trying o

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I finally broke my few week stall where I have been fluctuating between 179.8-183, since I last wrote.  This morning it finally dropped below 179.8 to 179, which is only a 0.8 Lb drop on the low en...

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I was posting pics of part of my Dad's birthday week festivities and accidentally clicked on last year's pics and found a rare photo of me (I usually hid) at the same wing place that we went to this year, so I did a side by side photo for comparison.

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The weeks are just flying by!  I was 183 Lbs this morning, for a weekly loss of 1.4 Lbs, and a total loss of 121 Lbs!  Woohoo!

My Dad's 78th birthday was a lot of fun.  He and Mom went out t...

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Hi guys,

So my Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but we're going for wings today with all the relatives, and after that they are coming here for coffee and cake. So last night my Mom baked a chocolate cake, and it smelled heavenly.

Pre op, c

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I dropped out of the CAMAW challenge, lol.  I had to; I forgot I was on it on day one and ate some carbs, and felt super anxious because it triggered my pre-op diet mentality.  

I weighed 18...

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LOL, I've been warning people to use ice cold water and ice ever...

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I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing.  36 weeks already.  I was 185 Lbs this morning, so down 119 Lbs total so far.  I need to lose another 10.5 Lbs in order to leave obesity behind an...

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Thanks, Kathy, the growths were benign. One was a mole that was...

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My weight is playering tricks on my, lol.  I had dropped down to 185 for 3 days, which was wonderful, but then on my weigh in day (yesterday) I got on the scale and it had jumped up t...