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I bought a little Excalibur food dehydrator; they're smallest model because I'm the only one who likes jerky here, and I'm so glad I did!

I made beef jerky today. Last night I chopped and marinated my steak (after cutting off all visible fat).

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So I made home made jerky for the first time in my new little Excalibur food dehydrator today. OMG...it is to DIE for. So glad I bought this machine.

I'm going to try to make zucchini, carrot, and kale chips next.

It also says it can

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Another week down, another 2.6 Lbs lost, for a total of 94.2 Lbs gone; woohoo!  I'm so close to my first 100 Lbs gone that I can taste it, lol.  Only 5.8 Lbs to go to 204 Lbs, which is exactly 100 ...

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Hi friends,

I'm 20 weeks out today...my gosh, time flies after surgery! I'm down 91.6 Lbs since starting Optifast.

I also turned 53 on the 19th of June, and had a lovely time. Here's a photo comparing my 52nd and 53rd birthdays:

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Wow, can't believe I turned 53 today!  I started celebrating my birthday a few days ago, with a walk to the car show with my friend Nancy, and then shopping!  We had a blast, and saw some cool cars...

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Another week has gone by in a flash; it amazes me how fast time goes by now!

Today is my weigh in day and I was happy to step on the scale and see 214.6.  I'm down 2.4 Lbs since last week, f...

Kathy1212 has a new goal: Ride my bike 100 km in the month of June. 2 weeks ago
I love bike riding; and will track my rides with the Map my Ride app.

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Kathy1212 uploaded a new photo 2 weeks, 4 days ago

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I went to try on clothes today. I recently went from a 1X to an XL, so I grabbed a bunch of XL tops and tried them on, and was shocked when one of them was too big. I double checked the size and it was an XL. So I grabbed a size large off the rack an

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It's a glorious sunny day here in the North; I hope everyone is having a nice day.

This morning I weighed 217, down 2.2 Lbs since last week, and 87 Lbs altogether; woohoo!


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Hi guys,

Yesterday I had my first episode of dumping, while ON MY BIKE. Not fun, at all, lol.

I had steak for dinner, which my pouch is usually just fine with. I also had 2 tbsp of peas, which may have been the problem, I don't know.

Kathy1212 wrote 17 Weeks Post Op, out of the 220's! 4 weeks, 1 day ago

So this morning the scale read 219.2.  I did it; I am out of the 220's and in the 2-teens; yay!

I lost 4.2 Lbs this week; why?  I have no idea.  I have actuallly been eating more calories, i...

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I hit a milestone for me today; I'm down 80 Lbs now!  I was 223.8 this morning. 

My next milestone will be getting out of the 220's.  The 220's are weird for me, because even though I've los...

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Thanks, Kathy. My one uncle, who kept waving fries in my face, is...

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Can't believe week 15 was yesterday; where does the time go?  Next week I'll be 4 months post op; that's crazy!

I weighed 224.8 yesterday morning, which is a weekly loss of 3.4 Lbs (yay!) an...

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Thanks, Kathy. I'd love to go bike riding with you! We're having a...

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Wow, my week 14 was on Wednesday and I'm writing this on Sunday, mother's day.  Such a busy week!  Happy Mother's Day to any moms reading this, including moms of furbabies!

I was happy to we...

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I'm a few days late posting this, as the weather has been great so I've been riding my bike.

This week I was down 0 Lbs, for the first time since this journey began.  I've been expecting it,...