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Cecily C.
on 11/18/17 1:30 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17
Topic: RE: New member

Hi there and welcome! Some of the forums here get a whole lot more traffic than the others. Please come ask any questions you have on the VSG forum.

I also have PCOS. Symptomwise, I was obese, had weird periods only a few times a year, some facial hair, and hair loss. The VSG I had this year helped get rid of the obesity (yay). I don't think the other symptoms have been affected but I take low androgen birth control to help with hormones and periods, use Rogaine daily (totally helped the hair loss thing), and Spironolactone for the facial hair. So I feel normal now.

Surgery was tough to get used to at first, but honestly, I could not be happier that I did it.

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on 11/7/17 10:52 am
Topic: New member

New here! I am 36 with 4 kids and have been diagnosed since age 28. Weight is my main issue, and lack of menstruation. I am /have been considering sleeve. I am 5'5 and about 218 with the ability to gain weight by just blinking. Looking into surgery in Tijuana. How does WLS affect PCOS in the long run??

on 10/27/17 5:40 pm
Topic: RE: Can Metformin and Spirnolactone make it look like it's NOT Peri Menopause?

It is certaintly possible. Metformi is one of the drugs that is most effective on PCOS. My daughter is treated with it. There are also herbal things that help to rebalance the hormonal levels and reduce the cysts... A naturopath or holistic practitioner can usually help with a treatment regimine for relief of most of the symptoms. Controlling hormonal ( of all kinds estrogens cortizols, etc..) spikes will help with weight loss.

Jackie P.
on 10/24/17 3:44 pm - Hamilton, Canada
Topic: Can Metformin and Spirnolactone make it look like it's NOT Peri Menopause?

I was wondering if anyone knew whether taking metformin and spirnolactone would make it look like I was not in Peri Menopause on a blood test?

I've been having all sorts of weird things happening. I thought it was peri-menopause but my hormones loo****ould the Metformin and Spirnolactone I'm on for PCOS be swaying the hormones in the test to look balanced?

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Mahonia R.
on 9/22/17 9:20 am
VSG on 03/28/17
Topic: RE: Will the Hirsutism Ever Mellow Out?

For most, weight loss does nothing for the hirsutism. My BMI is now 23 and my chin is just as hairy as ever. What works for me is at home threading - it is cheap and easy and I learned how by watching youtube videos. You can ask your PCP for spironolactone or vaniqa cream prescriptions.

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on 8/31/17 2:53 pm
Topic: RE: Will the Hirsutism Ever Mellow Out?

I don't know if your doc gave you the option of Spironolactone, but I've found it's helped immensely. I've only been on it for just at a month (diagnosed with PCOS 8/1/17, which is when I got the med), but I've gone from being stubbly in 12 hours and 5 o'clock shadowy in 24 hours, to being stubbly in 36-48 and 5 o'clock shadowy in 72. The color has also lightened some.

I've talked to others that have been on it and the "usual" dose for hirsutism is 50-100mg/day and I'm only on 25mg/day.

Basically, I used to need to shave every 2-3 days and now I don't need to shave for ~5-7 (depending on how long I'm okay with letting it grow).

on 8/30/17 11:55 am
VSG on 08/10/17
Topic: RE: Will the Hirsutism Ever Mellow Out?

I am fair skinned as well and suffer from PCOS with facial hair. While laser treatment is not permanent for does work. I have to go back every 8 weeks and get it done but it keeps the hair at bay. I found a place that offered a life time guarantee on their laser treatments. So I just keep going back! Also there are some Groupon deals for like 6 treatments for $99. That will get you through a whole year. Cheaper than waxing. It did take at least 2-3 treatments to start to see a difference in the beginning. I just know it will be a life long regimen. I have heard that electrolysis works but I have not tried it.

on 8/29/17 12:12 am
Topic: RE: did alot of your PCOS symptoms go away once you lost weight?

Yes, but I do not get back on birth control pills. It will thru your whole body out of Whack.

I more had issues with my cycle. Acne, I'm controlling that with a good probiotic.

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on 8/29/17 12:10 am
Topic: RE: I need help! Please!

Girl I am so sorry, it is kind too late to ask, when you saw yourself gain pass your desired weight, why did you not stop. DO you think its the metformin that is causing you to gain weight. I am not sure what was the trigger. If so, get off that stuff. I actually gained weight on that stuff and I was diagnosed with PCOS. Darn, I am so sorry this has happened too you. You have worked so hard to get the weight off.

Your body is probably feeling it because you are much older. All I can say is stay the Heck away from Birth control pills, once I went back it thru my whole body equilibrium out of whack. Now I have these bad menstrual pain.

Are you moody, and depressed, are you on the pill?

SW / CW / GW       292 / 181 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

on 8/29/17 12:01 am
Topic: RE: Gastric Bypass & PCOS - my story


Thank you for sharing your lovely story. Sometimes I'm in denial, but I was diagnosed with PCOS. And even without the diagnose I can tell I am extremely sensitive to sugar. Like currently my body equilibrium is off, and I'm craving Now and Laters again. Yes I said, Now and Laters...and you know that is a bunch of sugar. Something got of whack, because a few weeks, my mental was like that is just too much sugar.

I had the DS so my stomach is not as sensitive to soda, but I need to stop, COKE zero, now that gives me a bunch of energy. However, my face acne can not stand it. ...

But you said your energy is off, which that is a terrible feeling. I wanted to ask how your iron? Because I am slightly anemic, and take a bunch of vitamins and supplements. I take this particular iron that does not constipate and gives me a bunch of energy in the morning. Plus I take (1) 500 mg of dissolvable B-12, and Vitex 2-3 times a day. Since you have PCOS, you may need something to help balance you. Its more or so like a female balance, and that helps with energy. When I'm tired, because I have PCOS, I know something is off and my body is complaining about something. PCOS will make tired, and a feeling of depression.....and taking a female balance helps. I use to take straight Female balance, but it was making me irritable after awhile. Plus I take something else to help with my painful menstrual cycle. But listen to your body, because it will tell you... But my point is you probably need something...your eat style is good. But like I said with PCOS, you may need a little more help. The Vitex is helpful, and B-12. I tend to always go on AMAZON...and diagnosing myself, and by doing a lot of research and reading.

Eating a lot of sugar makes me tired, depress and turning into bed early as well.

Perhaps this was helpful, or just a little FYI

SW / CW / GW       292 / 181 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10