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on 5/10/09 12:10 pm - San Diego, CA
Hi all-

I am new on here and found the site while researching different revision procedures.  After extensive research, the ROSE procedure seems to be the best fit for me.  Pretty much all I have seen on OH is negativity about the procedure.  However, numerous clinical studies have proven this procedure to be quite successful.  Is it possible that the few patients on this site that participated in the study and failed did so in its very preliminary stages last year before the surgeons had sufficient experience in how to perform the procedure precisely for the best results (accurate placement of anchors on pouch and stoma, amount of anchors, etc.)?  I am trying to remain optimistic...overall study results can't lie, right (that would be the ultimate letdown)?? I sure would hope not and I do strongly believe there are ethical laws prohibiting doctors from publishing less than accurate findings regarding clinical studies.

There is a barriactric surgeon in my area that has performed this procedure and had great results in his patients.  Here is the link to the news story which finally allowed me to hear a LIVE person talking about their experience for the very first time:

It was refreshing to hear the amount of weight and gave me a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for any input.  I have forwarded my Operating Report from my RNY per his office's request and have a meeting with him on 5/20/09.  I will keep everyone posted and also if I hear additional success stories from his patients (crossing fingers). :)


on 5/11/09 12:17 am - St. George, UT
Well Lisa....

There just hasn't been any glowing reports on this site for the ROSE...I do know that they are adjusting the procedure as they learn more about it....The thing that I heard that is a problem are the sutures or staples whatever they call them, are plastic...And they yes, you might get restriction but if someone who overeats does so often you would break those sutures or pleatings and lose restriction again.

I have heard that they are on to making improvements all the time on this procedure and that we should be hearing something down the road soon about a much better procedure.

Let's hope so...In the meantime if your very compliant with your Dr.s orders you may be successful and hallelluah! if you are....please post your results as we will all be interested...There's nothing more than any of us here want than a new procedure that brings light at the end of the tunnel...

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on 5/11/09 3:28 am - San Diego, CA
Thanks Janie! 

Yes, I have seen that they are really trying to "fine tune" this procedure and I am really hoping that this surgeon has done that and that is why he is having great success with his patients.  I do realize that they are trying to invent SOME sort of alternate non-invasive revision procedure that will have effective and lasting results.  Unfortunately, I have to do something now before I am too far gone.  While I have considered lap-band over RNY, I had open RNY originally and had complications so I am terrified to have invasive surgery again.  Boy, sometimes we can't win, huh! :)

I will keep my OH network updated with my findings, progress, etc.

on 5/11/09 5:01 am - St. George, UT
Well Lisa I can totally relate...And really when it's all said and done, it's all about us and how we handle our new tools...Don't you think? So if you have it in your mind you will be successful and your Dr. thinks you'll be successful, by gosh Go For IT!

When we get to that no turning back point where we know we need some kind of jump start to get the weight loss moving again....Sometimes that's what it takes...

I wish you good luck and I hope the VERY! VERY! Best for you..Please do keep us posted it might be that I will need some more restriction down the road after my ERNY Surgery and by that time maybe they'll have perfected this surgery so that everyone has some success...

on 5/11/09 7:25 am

I was thinking the exact same thing Janie!

I hope all the endo patients don't get scared off!

LiFeLoNg hEaLtH imY GoAl
RNY 5-11-04 280
Lowest weight 174
Highest re-gain 238

erny 3-23-09 (120 common channel

low post revision 190
Current Weight  204

Height 5'6"

GOAL 154 Normal BMI

on 5/11/09 8:24 am
Hello Shele,

I would love to connect with you as friend or through my member support group - Beat Weight Regain with Rose (group tab - search "ROSE").

You are working your way through a revision surgery and it sounds like you have grabbed a second chance at change.  I experienced a weight regain, too and worked my way through it.  Now I'm trying to offer support and encouragement to others.

You may be a motivator, too.

Coach Roz

Also, I found 2 patient video testimonials from ROSE patients on YouTube.  In case anyone is looking for newest information.
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on 5/11/09 8:31 am - San Diego, CA
Thanks...I did find it and once again am inspired to hear actual patients that have had a positive experience!
on 5/11/09 9:59 am
Hey Lisa, the link you posted is from a surgical center... Here is another one.  This link is CBS news report from southern California

I love your photo - very pretty!

Stay motivated

Coach Roz
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on 5/11/09 12:05 pm - San Diego, CA
Thanks Coach Roz!  That CBS story is actually the doctor I am going to for the ROSE. :)
on 5/11/09 12:20 pm
WOW!  I'm going to connect with you through the Beat Weight Regain w/ ROSE member group, ok? I hope we can exchange private messages and I hope to exchange success strategies between you, other ROSE patients and people considering ROSE as a tool to beat weight regain.

My role as the member group leader is as coach.  This surgery is one tool weight loss and the support/coaching that follows, is the tool for making changes that last.

I'm excited for you! 

I hope you believe you can do it, too...

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