gastric bypass to gastric sleeve????

on 1/9/13 3:43 am - Vernon Rockville, CT

has anyone revised from gastric bypass to gastric sleeve??? someone was telling me that the sleeve is better.. odd enough i never even heard of it.. and please request me as a friend, i have 1 lol

on 1/9/13 4:50 am

This is a pretty complicated revision. It involved sewing the pouch back to the remnant stomach, then making a Sleeve. And you'd no longer have any malabsorption, so---it you're looking to lose much more weight, you *probably* want to go with the full DS.

on 1/9/13 11:43 am - Vernon Rockville, CT

i am sry i feel so stupid.. what is ds??

on 1/9/13 11:49 am - Australia
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Duodenal switch.

look up

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on 1/9/13 11:49 pm

Basically, the DS is the Sleeve plus an intestinal bypass similar to, but more effective than, that of the RNY. It has the very best long-term, maintained weight-loss stats, and the best stats for resolving or preventing co-morbs like diabetes and high cholesterol. It has a dramatic, permanent effect on how the body metabolizes food, and provides permanent malabsorption of calories, unlike the RNY.

I'm not surprised your surgeon didn't tell you about it---most likely he doesn't do it. In which case, he probably doesn't have complete, accurate info about it himself. (And since he doesn't offer it himself, why would he want you to know about it? That would be rather like the Ford dealer telling you that you really should check out the new Lexus before you buy. *grin*)

Read up on the DS over at, but be aware that if you decide the DS is right for you, you'll probably have to travel to get it. The number of DS surgeons is growing, but they're still not all that plentiful.

on 1/10/13 1:49 am - Vernon Rockville, CT

thank you so much!

on 1/9/13 11:52 am - Vernon Rockville, CT

sry i just googled it.. i feel so misinformed, and i just told that too my husband, my surgeon on told me about the band and rny.. my surgeon is a whole different story! and he is being sued by many patients for many different reason.. i just feel soo  cheated

on 1/9/13 7:42 am

What MsBatt said and you need to look at this list of vetted RNY to VSG or DS surgeons:

Dr. Keshishian, located in California

Dr. Rabkin, located in California

Dr. Stewart, located in Texas

Dr. Simper, located in Utah

Dr. Elariny, located in Virginia

Dr. Roslin, located in New York

Dr. Buchwald, located in Minnesota

Dr. Sudan, located in North Carolina

Dr. Greenbaum, located in New Jersey

Dr. Kemmeter, located in Michigan (

Of course, the above doctors are in the United States 

Dr. Baltasar, located in Spain

Dr. Marchesini, located  in Brazil

Dr. Gagner in Canada

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Dr. Henry Buchwald

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Barbara H.
on 1/22/13 1:54 am - Berlin Township, NJ

I have not had the revision yet but I am in the process of revising to the sleeve from the bypass. Here is my story of why the sleeve instead of the full DS.

I had my original surgery almost 9 years ago and lost most of my weight and maintained for 5-6 years. Then I had gall bladder surgery but before the surgery they did the endoscopy thing where they looked around for the stone. I informed the doctor I had gastric bypass surgery and that I did not have a "Normal Stomach" but he insisted that he could work the tool around it. It was after this process and gall bladder surgery that I started having my complications. I no longer felt full and started continually gaining weight and also having "dumping syndrome" constantly.

So basically after the endoscopy food just passed straight into my intestines, hence the hunger constantly and the dumping and weight gain from eating too often due to the hunger

Well I finally almost gained my original weight back and went to see a Doctor about a revision.   We discussed the various options.    The doctors make the decisions about many factors when suggesting a revision type.  In my particular case I AM seeing one of the doctors that are listed above as doing the full DS revisions.   He has suggested in MY case that a full revision may be a mistake because of my cir****tances.   The full DS may cause me to have even worse dumping syndrome where the sleeve he feels is a better option since I had good results with the original gastric bypass.  He explained the sleeve revision will fix the problem with the large opening I currently have between my stomach and intestines.  He also explained that the sleeve revision  should also lessen my "dumping sydrome because of the way the sleeve is cut and uses the "J' portion at the bottom of the stomach.  I realize I am not explaining this correctly - basically instead of a direct line type of dropping from stomach to intestine there is a curve or something that helps from causing the extreme dumping.

Anyway, long story short I am better suited for the sleeve revision instead of a full DS.  This may not be your situation but it was mine.   Every situation is different I would guess so there are "ALOT" of things to take into consideration when choosing a revision.  

If your doctor did not explain it fully or you don't feel you have enough information perhaps you need a second opinion and maybe best from a doctor listed who does do the full DS and knows all the options and conditions for the decision.



Teresa B.
on 11/1/14 11:50 am - Marion, IL
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Barbara have you had your sleeve done yet?  I had gastric bypass and suffer from severe malabsorption. I just got out of the hospital this past Thursday and the hospital doctor suggested doing the sleeve so I would absorb again.  I'm just wondering since I haven't gained my weight back since 2009 if the sleeve will make me gain.  Any suggestions. 


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