Revision of vsg

on 10/17/17 6:23 pm

My doctor. Let me know that the sleeve can be revised without gastric bypass. I'm going in for endoscopy and other tests and I'm feeling optimistic about my sleeve that was such a great tool is not ruined and it can be made smaller. I had heard it could not be asked me why I didn't call and ask. I've been thinking that my only option was going to be bypass. I prefer not to do that only as a last resort. I kept my weight off for 6yrs. Then at 61 I changed jobs and moved it seemed I had lost control. It was very hard to feel like I failed and gained back 85lbs. I was feeling very down about it. I'm now optimistic that things can work out better for me. Has anyone had a revised sleeve?

Thanks Jojo

H.A.L.A B.
on 10/18/17 9:44 am

making sleeve smaller is possible, but any revision surgery has its own risks. Smaller the sleeve - the higher possibility of complication and GERD. You don't want GERD. Trust me.

have you tried going back to basics and start losing? I know that when I eat carbs - I never feel real fullness , as if I have the same old big stomach. But after I decarb - and have a few days on a really really low carb - higher fat diet, dense proteins - I can get full on just 4-5 oz of dense proteins.

People don't lose as fast after revision as they did initially - after first WLS. Bad eating habits - unless you change them - may cause for you to not lose much and then gain it back.

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on 10/26/17 8:20 pm

I had a resleeve and DS conversion on 10/10/17. My surgeon is very confident that I can get close to my goal weight and keep it there (with the mal-absorption)

Revision from Sleeve to DS (with re-Sleeve) on 10/10/17. Slow and steady ...

on 10/30/17 7:24 am
Revision on 10/04/16

agree with HALA. I have not heard a lot of success with a re-sleeve. poor eating habits will still result in weight gain. and my observations tell me that the folks with tiny sleeves tend to be the ones reporting the most complications on the boards. I've typically seen RNY and DS revisions from a sleeve.

If I were in that position and changes in eating habits didn't work and in the absence of GERD I'd be looking into DS as the sleeve is the first step.

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