Surgery while having your period? IDK what to do...

on 9/9/09 11:33 pm - MA
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So, my surgery is scheduled for Monday, as in 4 days from now.

My periods usually come between the 1st and 4the of the month, but when I'm really stressed out- they tend to be late. It's the 10th today, and I still haven't gotten it :( 

I KNOW I'm not pregnant- we've been very careful.

I emailed my surgeon's secretary and asked what would happen if I had my period, and she said if I hadn't gotten it yet Monday morning they would do a urine test to make sure I'm not pregnant. She said if I did have it, he would do the surgery if it was light...

If I get it between today and Monday morning- it definitely won't be "light" during surgery. I don't know if he'd do it anyway, but I really don't like the idea of going into surgery with my period... They are going to catheterize me, and the thought of them doing that while I have my period makes me cry. I was bawling to my husband last night... I just don't know what to do.

I've waited so long for this, and now that it's less than a week away, I'm freaking out that I might have to postpone it :( 

I'm not sure why I'm posting this- to vent I guess. I just don't know what to do. I mean, he might not even be willing to do it if I'm bleeding moderately or heavily, in which case it's not my decision anyway...

on 9/9/09 11:44 pm - Fenton, MI
Go get on the pill, take the pill til after your surgery then stop taking it , let your body have the period then.I WOULD NOT  let my period ruin your surgery

Mary C.
on 9/9/09 11:51 pm - Canada
Don't stress over it - if you are a tampon user - you CANNOT go to the OR with a tampon in - so as bulky and nasty as they are - you will have to use a pad for that period of time. I was on my period when I had my RNY - my nurse was Walter - he was awesome and helpful and never gave it a second thought. And as luck should have it - when I had my recent internal hernia repair- yep you guessed it- on my period again. And - to the nursing staff - it was no big deal. I will add that for both of my surgeries I was on injections of Heparin (blood thinner) for a period of time post-op - and I blame that on my periods then being pro-longed. Maybe it wasn't - I don't know. In any case - I highly doubt your surgery would be cancelled due to you being on your period. Pregnancy - now that's another matter----------Good luck!

PuggyDawn S.
on 9/9/09 11:57 pm - San Antonio, TX
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They will not cancel your surgery due to your period.  I started my period the day of my surgery (thanks Mother Nature) and I put in a tampon and then when I woke up, they had "pulled the plug" and I had a cath.  I just used pads while it was going on.

I know it's embarassing but the hospital staff is used to this kind of stuff...they won't think any less of you because Mother Nature comes your way.

Don't stress about no big thing to them!!!

take care,

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on 9/10/09 12:16 am
Relax. Don't worry.   One seminar nurse I talked with several years ago said  most  women have their periods on the day of surgery because they get so nervous and the hormones come into play.   I didn't but much thought into that until I was having my surgery and I got my period the night before...  I have heavy periods - no issues other than I asked if I could wear my underwear to surgery vs. the paper underwear they provide.  And they let me - no problems there.  I did end up throwing it away after I changed into my going home clothes.   All in all it was really a relief to have that part of the month done with in the first week and to be able to recover for a month before having to deal with it again.  

The only reason they won't do surgery is if you are pregnant.  
on 9/10/09 12:30 am - Columbia City, IN
Won't cancel your surgery.  I even had a hysterectomy and ovaries out while I was having a bloody mess of a period.  No problem, other than you may have some cramping lower down your abdomen while you are having pain higher up.

You will be fine.  Best wishes.
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on 9/10/09 2:51 am
I had mine the day of surgery-brought my own "stuff" -not tampons- but they just gave me their fancy pants(disposable undies) and a pad the size of a crib mattress. I was very conscious about but the staff was reassuring that it happens all the time Definitely not fun but with the stress of surgery it stopped the next day and came back with a vengance the next month.  Now it is more normal after 3 months.
on 9/10/09 2:53 am - Beaufort, SC
I would not worry about it. I just had my surgery on the 25th of August. I was one of the unlucky women who started my period the morning of my surgery. The nursing staff was wonderful. They will help you with what ever needs to be done. They will give you mesh shorts to use until your catheter  is taken out which for me was the day after surgery.  None of the nurses seem to be suprised by women starting their period after a major surgery, it is just one of the facts of life that we have to deal with. Don't worry everything will be ok.
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on 9/10/09 3:13 am
No worries! I just had RNY a week ago and I was on the heaviest day of my "dot". I was mortified (as I sense you are feeling) but when I got to pre-op I quietly told the nurse. She told me to remove my tampon and use disposable undies they provided with a pad. It sucked, but it was what it was.

When I went to the operating room I told the nurse in there. She said "sweetie there is no modesty in the OR. When you wake up we may have taken off your pad/undies, but you can put them right back on." I even asked what would happen if they took them off after I was knocked out and I was bleeding...she told me there  is always blood in the OR and nothing to worry about. It actually had us both laughing and I relaxed.

I was not given a catheter, my Doc wanted me up and using the facilities asap after surgery. And I did. And there was my lovely disposable undies and thick pad!

No worries, just go with it.

Best of luck to you!

on 9/10/09 3:27 am
I started my period during the surgery.  I have IUD and so I get very light or no periods at all so I have lost count of when my last one was.  Then when I woke up from the surgery all I remember is that my back was killing me.  They told me it was because they had me on a hard steel table for few hours but I knew better.  When I went to the bathroom, I realized I had started.  They was so sweet and provided several throw away panties and pads so you will be fine.  Don't stress.  Good luck on your surgery.
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