Samantha S.
on 10/4/10 10:08 pm
I realize everyone is different and undoubtedly this question has been asked before, but....

What has been your average weight loss per week (or per month) following RNY surgery?

 I had my RNY last Tuesday and feel great.  I've had a super fast recovery and already back to school full time 5 days post op. 

The dietary restrictions for many weeks post op are quite strict, at least with my surgeon, so weight is already starting to drop.  I just would like to know the AVERAGE loss per week let's say for the 52 weeks post op.

Thanks in advance to all who answer!

on 10/4/10 10:23 pm - OH
My surgeon said three to five pounds a week in the beginning, then after a few months it slows down.  But many people seem to lose a bit more than that the first month or so.  I've seen other people say the average was 20 pounds the first month, ten pounds the next couple months, then five pounds a month.  I don't recall how fast I lost in the beginning but I know after about six months I lost about two pounds a week with a couple stalls until about a year out, then it slowed down a bit more.

Glad to hear you're feeling so good.  Back to school already is great.

Mountain Mama
on 10/4/10 10:28 pm - Evansville, IN
I started out as a "lightweight" with a BMI of 38.4 and several comorbidities.  But here is a chart of my monthly losses:

   DATE WEIGHT      DATE WEIGHT  CHANGE      TOTAL          Loss  
   8/3/2009          238  12/10/2009          233             -5                    -5 (PRE OP LOSS)
12/10/2009 233 1/11/2010 212 -21 -26  
1/11/2010 212 2/10/2010 204 -8 -34 (3 WK. STALL)
2/10/2010 204 3/10/2010 194 -10 -44  
3/10/2010 194 4/10/2010 180 -14 -58 (OVERWEIGHT BMI 3/27)
4/10/2010 180 5/10/2010 173 -7 -65  
5/10/2010 173 6/10/2010 164 -9 -74  
6/10/2010 164 7/10/2010 157 -7 -81  
7/10/2010 157 8/10/2010 151 -6 -87 (NORMAL BMI 7/27)
8/10/2010 151 9/10/2010 145 -6 -93 (HIT GOAL 8/26/10)

I'm now 3 pounds below goal and working to add back enough calories to maintain the loss.
Pre-Op  3 mos. post op  5 mos. post op  At Goal  Surgery Date - 12/10/2009  Goal Met -8/26/2010

on 10/4/10 10:29 pm - Mystic, CT
RNY on 09/21/10 with
Obviously situational. The more you have to lose the faster it will come off. I have heard it said that loss could be 1-2 lbs a day the first week or so. Then the loss rate drops down. seems to correspond with the change of diet at two weeks. At some level it's simple mathmatics. Body Needs-Food In = loss.

In my case the weight has been dropping 1-2 lbs per day. I was just looking this morning. I had worked hard to lose before surgery and lost about 55 lbs over 5 months. Since surgery 2 weeks ago i have dropped another 27 lbs. So clearly "rapid" would be a good word for it. People vary and loss varies between sexes as well. So it can be different for everyone.

I have done well in the past charting my losses based on diet. I use the thumbrule of 12 calories per pound to maintain my current weight minus my calorie intake. Divide the result by 3500 for the expected loss.

358x12= 4296 calories to maintain
600 alories from my current diet
4295-600= 3695 deficit
3695/3500= 1.1 lbs

So I would expect to lose about this much per day. I would not expect that the scale would show this daily, more likely that over a week I would see fluctuations up and down. With a settling out at some point. Please note that I used a general metabolic rate of 12 and I do not account for the walking I am doing or the nutritional malabsorption which should all cause more loss.

lol sorry for the long post. Hope this helps.

  HW 440, SW 386, CW 229.8


Kristin L.
on 10/4/10 11:09 pm
I lost like 25 my first month and still about 5 lbs a week right now.
HW 306/SW 295/GW 163/CW 161                
on 10/4/10 11:16 pm
Here's a link to the post-op weight loss planner:

http://www.obesityhelp.com/morbidobesity/information/post+op +planner.php

Because everyone's starting weight is so different, you really can't compare lb to lb.  If you must compare your wieght loss to someone elses, try to look at % of excess weight lost.  Here's mine:

Starting weight:  234
Surgery weight   219
Current weight  152.5
Goal weight  140

So, my excess weight from date of surgery was 79lbs.  I have lost 66.5.  That looks like a really low number for 6 months post wls BUT... it's 84% of my excess weight. 
High Weight 278; consult weight 234; Surgery Weight 219 Surgeon's Goal Weight 150 -10/27/10  -  Personal goal weight 140 - Achieved 12/11/10  
Rebecca G.
on 10/5/10 12:06 am - Wilmington, NC
 Here are my stats....sorry they're not on an exact 30 day scale. I'm forgetful when it comes to this stuff:

DATE                 WEIGHT              DIFFERENCE               TOTAL LOST
11/2/09             380                       Surgery day
11/16                 353                       -27                                    -27
12/24                 322.8                   -30.2                                 -57.2      
1/26                   304                       -18.8                                -76
2/22                   286                       -18                                   -94
3/31                   265                        -21                                  -115
4/26                   255                       -10                                   -125 
5/26                   240                       -15                                   -140
6/24                   226                       -14                                   -154
7/26                   214                       -12                                   -166
8/27                   204                      -10                                    -176
10/01                 194                      -10                                    -186

The weight loss definitely slows down towards the end, but you'll keep losing!
Andrew Thompson
on 10/5/10 12:29 am - Canada
It's hard to produce an average. The moment you do and everyone judges themselves against that number. Oh dear I'm only losing 6 lbs a week but someone else has lost 10 lbs a week.

My NUT told me this:
0-3 months: 1-7 lbs a week.
3-6 months: 1-4 lbs a week
6 months on: 1-2 lbs a week.

Before the surgery I kept putting things off. I was never good enough. One of the benefits of WLS is that you start to believe in yourself. Check out my blog:
All Things CPAP

on 10/5/10 12:53 am
It isn't a straight equation, because you have stalls and stops and ups and downs, but I've lost 178 lb in 66 weeks, so it averaged out to 2.7 lb/wk. But that was months of 5+ lb/wk and some weeks staying the same, so... it evens out.
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Michelle E.
on 10/5/10 4:35 am
3.46 pounds per week. I'm 14 weeks out.
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