Diarrhea Question!!

on 2/1/12 11:13 am - Yukon, OK
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I am almost 11 months out. I have not had any intolerance issues my whole journey. Since Saturday I have been having nothing but diarrhea. It only occurs in evening or late at night. My stomach will usually start gurgling/rolling/cramping, and that is my clue I better head to the bathroom. Since Monday I have stopped my daily Miralax and cut down on my stool softners. I am still taking my fibercan thats my next decrease, I guess. It does not alwasy correlate with eating. For instance tonight I got home about 6 15pm, took my evening pills (calcium, multivit, mag, d3, neurotin, & fibercon). I then warmed up some chicken strips and had an apple. It is 3 hours later and I have been to the bathroom about 5 times.  I have not changed my type of food but have a little disruption to "My schedule" that I usually follow to a T. I started a new job on the 23rd and have been a little more stressed.

Any suggestions? I am maintaining my fluids, have actually increased them due to the diarrhea.

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jennifer W.
on 2/1/12 11:18 am
It could be the combination of everything. Also I've heard patients say that they could eat something at say month 2postop but couldn't eat it at 8mon postop. I'm experiencing this now. I could ea****ermelon all the time but for the last 2wks I've been getting diarrhea and I realized today that its from watermelon. It takes about 2hrs before I have to rush to the bathroom. Try keeping a food journal to see if its a particular food.feel better.
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on 2/1/12 11:19 am
RNY on 12/21/10 with
Take a look at your diet beyond the fiber and Miralax etc. If you're ingesting
milk and milk products, try using Lactaid milk or soy and see if that helps.
Lactaid or dairy intolerance can come up any time if it's going to.  If that
doesn't help, see if cutting back on wheat helps.  Sometimes a virus or
"bug" can get diarrhea going and it's tough to get it stopped. It may be
that a bit of Imodium may help get it stopped and it might not start
up again. Talk to your doc's office and get a recommendation
from them about what to take to get it under control.  Good luck! 

on 2/1/12 12:17 pm - Suffern, NY
are you eating any dairy or using things with sugar alcohol? These can all cause diarhea.  Also, are you drinking protein drinks with whey protein because this has dairy in it and you could be lactose intolerant - try using lactaid pills immediately before ingesting dairy See if this helps.

Also, plesae stop all things that induce bowel movements - fiber, stool softeners, miralax - etc

Try to avoid all sugars, dairy and sugar alcohol

Also some people get diarhea from fats - it is another type of dumping


on 2/1/12 12:29 pm - Yukon, OK
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I do drink a protein shake each morning, but mostly never use milk in them. Almost I not having the issues after ingesting them, since I don't start having the diarrhea until the evenings.

Todays menu
B - banana protein shake - using syntrax matrix powder (been using since surgery)
S - beef jerky
L - beef jerky
s - almonds (100 cal pack)
D - chicken strips , small amount gravy made without milk & an apple (diarrhea started shortly after I ate & quit right before had last snack.
S - Apple crumble with greek yogurt on top - version of recipe from (Pam Trembles website - Journey to healthier me)

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Tammy G.
on 2/1/12 1:33 pm
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Did the gravy have milk in it? I can't do anything with milk (even gravy) or it is total bathroom hell. I've found that only 3 things really do a number on me--milk products (except for cheese/yogurt), wheat products/refined carbs & sugar alcohols.

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on 2/1/12 3:18 pm
Fiber also adds bulk to a watery stool. So stopping it may not be neccessary.
Many people who have regular loose stool use fiber to add bulk, and have less runny stool.
Any increase in carbs, like white bread, some cereals or white rice may start diarrhea. The mag may also cause loose stools for many people.