How far apart should you space calcium?

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How close together can you take Calcium?

If I take my Carafate at 8am, my Synthroid at 10am, my multi at noon, then calcium at 2pm, multi at 4pm, calcium at 6pm, and Carafate at 10pm, when can I take my third calcium dose?  Would 8pm be too soon after the 6pm dose?

I can't take any of these meds together.
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Minimum of every two hours.

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Two hours is fine.

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 Wow.  I am ready for this ulcer to heal.  Taking something every 2 hours from 8am-10pm is tough.  Thanks for the responses.  
on 2/28/12 1:27 pm - Suffern, NY
first off, you need to talk to your endocrinologist becasue carafate blocks the absorbtion of synthroid and needs to be taken 6 hours apart.  Also, you are only taking carafate 2 times per day?  It is usually 4 times per day which is pretty impossible with all the vitamins we take.

As far as your supplements - you should be taking a multi with no iron in it like centrum silver or centrum silver chewables -then take a separate iron supplement.  This way you can take your multis and calcium together - and your calcium needs to be 2 hours apart from iron and thryoid and also 2 hours from itself.

You could take carafate at 8 am, calcium and multi at 10 am, calcium at 12 noon, synthroid at 2 pm, calcium and multi at 4 pm.  Iron with vitamin C at 6 pm and carafate at bedtime - 10pm or later.


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I take my thyroid medication 4 hours from calcium. Since I usually eat something containing calcium before bedtime, I set my alarm for 4 hours later. I always need to go to the bathroom at least 4 hours into sleeping so this has been a reasonable solution for me. As for my calcium supplements, I usually take them 4 hours apart 3 times a day. I also take iron at least 2 hours from calcium.

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