hair loss at 3 to 4 months, does it come back??????

on 9/17/12 4:10 pm
 Hi Everyone, 
so I am now 4 months out and 50 lbs down ( from a 200lb /5ft 2' start ). 
I had thick, thick shoulder length hair. I have been lossing lots for a month now and my dietican tells me I am getting enough protein but not enough calories ( max 800 a day ). Just never hungry but eating as much as I can.
I have read some old posts and it appears at about 6-8 months the hair loss stops- or falls out at a normal rate. 
My question does it grow back in to what it was before or not? Does it grow back in slowly starting at 6-8 months out?
I know it can be different in everyone but interested to see different peoples experiences. I think mine isnt that noticable because I have fair hair and it doesnt contrast against the scalp color.
Like many of you, my hair was one of my best assets so hope I dont lose to much
Leslie M.
on 9/17/12 4:22 pm - AL

My hair loss stopped at about 8-9 months out and it did come back.
In the mean time, I went with a shorter layered cut to make it appear fuller.
And a scarf now and then.


on 9/17/12 4:32 pm - Germantown, MD
 I had hair loss around month 3 and it took a few more months for the loss to stop. Then it started growing back noticibly - like I'd have to use product to plaster down the new growth or I'd look like Alfalfa! My hair had been quite thin preop and when I started to see scalp & freaked out - cut my hair short, started using Nioxin & Rogaine - but at 17 mo out, my hair is much longer and looks better. So have hope!

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on 9/17/12 9:41 am
nfarris, you don't even begin to look old enough to know who Alfalfa was!  OMG I got the biggest kick out of it, though!!! Thanks for taking me back to memory lane!  Jane
on 9/17/12 4:53 pm
 I wonder if Rogaine helped, if it did you would think everyone would have it prescribed.
Thanks for the positive words.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/17/12 4:36 pm - OH
 I lost about half of my hair from months 4-9.  Just a couple f weeks after the loss had almost completely stopped I noticed a bunch of teeny tiny hairs sticking up from my part.  The hair gree in more s,owly than it grew pre-op (which was not particularly fast to begin with) and I did not get quite all of my hair back, but it is still the same color and texture.

I had to cut 6+ inches off of mine (in two separate cuts) because my the time I was about 6 or 7 months out, it was so thin that the bottom of it was very "scraggly", so I cut it to just below shoulder length, then I had to cut it above the shoulders because it got so thin that you could see the light through it below my ears if I was standing near a light or window.


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on 9/17/12 4:59 pm - Murfreesboro, TN
I, like the others, lost quite a bit too and I have very thin, fine hair so really noticeable.  I am 2 yrs out and still have issues.  I took biotin for the 1st 1 1/2 yrs and that did seem to help with the regrowth.  I changed hair shampoo to Moroccan Oil and it has been awesome for me.  I think my issues with iron is what is still giving my hair grief.    Good luck and I am sure it will be just fine, even if it sucks right now
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Oxford Comma Hag
on 9/17/12 5:04 pm
Mine thinned out some, but it has come back. As Anna said, the little sticky-out new growth hairs are kinda noticeable.

My hair is now like it always has been. I cut my hair in a bob, but not because of loss. I just wanted it shorter after a lifetime of very long hair.

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on 9/17/12 5:33 pm - Racine, WI
OMG!!! so scary! I want to keep ALL of my hair. LOL I am so vain but I am a lady who likes long hair. Good luck in findinf your answers!
on 9/17/12 6:26 pm - NC
RNY on 11/29/11 with
I guess I was lucky.  I noticed more hair falling out in months 3-6 but never enough for anyone else to notice.  I just saw more in my hands in the shower/drain and in my brush.  It has slowed down and not an issue at all now.  My hair is pretty full.  I switched to a volume shampoo as opposed to a straightening shampoo to try to hide any potential loss. 
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