Has anybody been re-sleeved???

on 6/25/10 3:04 pm
For any reason?

If so how bad are the risk? Worst than the first time around? Any information will be greatful....as I may need one and is patrified.

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on 6/25/10 3:27 pm - Spokane, WA
 re-sleeved as in the first sleeve...failed and you had...to get a smaller sleeve?  Or just a revision from a previous type of surgery?

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on 6/25/10 4:06 pm
Sorry for the confusion. I had the lap band for 8 yrs. Had the revision to Vsg on 4/8/10 and don't have any restriction except for the first month when my tummy was swollen. I met with my PCP and he wants to do an esophagus gram about a month from now after my tummy has fully healed. But mean while I feel like my sleeve was left too big or ?????

So I think my option would be DS or get re-sleeved to get to my goal weight.  I have done 5 day pouch test and lost 8 lbs that I have regained post surgery  and currently doing Atkins diet and exercising crazily to not gain. I thought vsg would be the end of my struggle with weight issues but here I am.... Soooo dissapointed.

Any info or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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Terry W.
on 6/26/10 1:58 am - Clayton, NC
RNY on 07/01/10 with
can I ask- why thr esophagus gram?  I know I was told they can switch you to DS and you may find that will take odd the weight ina way the vertical does not.  Please post back with what your Dr says it may be helpful to others in similar situations.  I wish you all the best.. hang in there!!  Terry
on 6/25/10 3:38 pm - Jefferson City, MO
 I agree, more information would be helpful to answer your question.
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on 6/25/10 3:39 pm
 I don't think that is medically possible. Once you are "sleeved" over 80% of your stomach is removed. So, to be "re-sleeved" would mean to remove more of the stomach, and I don't think that is medically an option.

Good luck
on 6/25/10 4:39 pm - Kelowna BC, Canada
Just a meandering question, but how much do you TRY to eat? Do you even measure portions?

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on 6/25/10 6:10 pm
 you can get re sleeved some dsers have to have it done so it might be a good question to ask on the ds board.
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on 6/25/10 10:48 pm - AZ
i haven't been resleeved but i know a couple that will be getting resleeved.

Sure, it's totally possible but it is my understanding you can't safely have it done until you are a year post op. marie S is one of them, not sure she posts here much anymore but i can reach her if you want.
on 6/26/10 4:40 am
I just added you as a friend and emailed you as well.

Thank you. I would love to know what their experience has been.