Applebees Happy Hour - cheap drinks, 1/2 price appetizers

on 5/28/11 4:50 am
VSG on 01/06/11 with
Last night my friend and I went to Applebees for happy hour.  Pre-surgery I used to get $2.50 Crown and Cokes (or Pepsi), but last night I got tequila sunrises.  I know - Orange juice has sugar, but it's way better than Coke!!

To eat, I used to get the spinach/artichoke dip and chips and could eat the whole thing by myself.  Last night someone down the bar got that and I was in awe.  I couldn't even eat a fourth of that now!  Our tradition was going there to eat and drink for CHEAP!  So I didn't want to order off the main menu.  On the side menu they had Red Beans and Rice, the picture looked like these big beans on top of rice so I ordered the beans only, no rice.  They brought me out this little oval bowl of mostly liquid with a few TINY beans in it.  I ate the couple of little beans in it but left the liquid.  It was no where near enough, even with my tiny 32 bougie tummy.  So I went back to the menu and ordered the Boneless Southern BBQ Wings.  I was able to cut off a lot of the fried outside and just eat the inner chicken.  That ended up being pretty good and three-and-a-half pieces were plenty to eat.  Unfortunately the tequila sunrises were very weak on the tequila and heavy on the OJ.  I'll have to find another drink next time I go there.
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sleeve genie
on 5/28/11 6:33 am - Alhambra, CA
Sounds like you had fun even if things weren't exactly what you ordered.   I'm going out tonite to celebrate a friend from work's bd and my surgiversary and hope to have a great time.  I don't get out much. except with my daughter and her friends, so this will be good for me.   Plan on dancing and drinking  Happy Memorial Day weekend  :o) jeani
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on 5/28/11 7:08 am
VSG on 01/06/11 with
Thanks Jeani.  Have fun and be safe!
    HW: 335.  SW: 318.  CW: 161.0.  Height 5'8.  Age 43.
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on 5/29/11 4:44 am - MI
I have been getting lime flavored vodka and water with a lime. I drink it slow and end up having to get extra ice. Why don't you just get your usual dip. Like you said you know you won't dent it. Then you can have some for later.