My Underwear Won't Stay Up

on 6/24/11 9:47 pm - MN
This is probably a NSV. My underpants won't stay up. I guess I'll have to go shopping.

Somewhere along the line I read a list of helpful hints to keep in mind as we lose weight. One of the things mentioned was the importance of undergarments that fit. I guess this is what they were talking about.

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on 6/24/11 10:43 pm - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
Well, there always safety pins, HAHAHAHA!  Congratulations on your questionable NSV!!

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on 6/24/11 10:46 pm - Davie, FL
 That is so funny.. Never thought of all the things that will be too big... Soon you will be wearing a thong...
on 6/25/11 1:12 pm - MN
Mmmmm.......a thong. I don't know if I can learn to like the feeling of something crawling up my butt crack. But I'm not ruling it out! 

5'5"  Age 63  HW 212  SW 200 Currently 8 pounds below goal

on 6/24/11 10:51 pm - Manassas, VA
VSG on 06/27/11 with
I can't wait to have that problem LOL  Congrats!!!!
on 6/24/11 11:53 pm
VSG on 01/06/11 with
I totally call this a NSV!!  Underwear falling off is a huge NSV.  I can't wait until mine are falling off.  I've lost over 100 pounds and still can wear the same ones.  Albeit, they were way too small when I started losing weight and they are now too big, but they aren't in danger of falling off yet.

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on 6/25/11 12:31 am - Littlerock, CA
VSG on 03/28/11 with
  That's an NSV for sure!  When I first hit that, I bought undies the next size smaller...wish I had gone 2 sizes smaller because from day 1, the new ones were loose, but now they are BIG!  I am waiting 5 more pounds to buy the next "new" ones, and think I will buy a 3 pack 2 sizes smaller!  (I bought a 6 pack last time, that had a bonus pair that felt like a "second"!) Viv 


on 6/25/11 12:41 am - CA
I have the same problem but have only lost 34 lbs. Matter of fact shortly after my surgery I was walking up my co-workers front walk wearing a sundress when a new neighbor stopped me to introduce themselves. As they were talking i could feel my underwear slipping down. I tried to clutch my thighs together to hold them up as i edged toward the front door, to no avail. They were around my ankles by the time I hit the front door. Talk about embarassing! My co-worker rolled with laughter. I kept thinking "will they ever stop talking?" so I could make a graceful exit. Didnt work out that way. Now I never wear big panties with a dress!
Shari H.
on 6/25/11 6:40 am - MI
 Sonya - I LOL'd at your post!  That is hysterical!

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on 6/25/11 1:40 am
VSG on 07/27/11 with

That is a GREAT NSV!!!  I love this forum....your post is the first I read....what a way to start the day, with a laugh!
I will certainly keep in mind the tip of not wearing big panties with a dress.....gotta love it!