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My Underwear Won't Stay Up

on 6/25/11 4:47 am - MN
This is probably a NSV. My underpants won't stay up. I guess I'll have to go shopping.

Somewhere along the line I read a list of helpful hints to keep in mind as we lose weight. One of the things mentioned was the importance of undergarments that fit. I guess this is what they were talking about.

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on 6/25/11 5:43 am - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
Well, there always safety pins, HAHAHAHA!  Congratulations on your questionable NSV!!

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on 6/25/11 5:46 am - Davie, FL
 That is so funny.. Never thought of all the things that will be too big... Soon you will be wearing a thong...
on 6/25/11 8:12 pm - MN
Mmmmm.......a thong. I don't know if I can learn to like the feeling of something crawling up my butt crack. But I'm not ruling it out! 

5'5"  Age 63  HW 212  SW 200 Currently 8 pounds below goal

on 6/25/11 5:51 am - Manassas, VA
VSG on 06/27/11 with
I can't wait to have that problem LOL  Congrats!!!!
on 6/25/11 6:53 am
VSG on 01/06/11 with
I totally call this a NSV!!  Underwear falling off is a huge NSV.  I can't wait until mine are falling off.  I've lost over 100 pounds and still can wear the same ones.  Albeit, they were way too small when I started losing weight and they are now too big, but they aren't in danger of falling off yet.

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on 6/25/11 7:31 am - Littlerock, CA
  That's an NSV for sure!  When I first hit that, I bought undies the next size smaller...wish I had gone 2 sizes smaller because from day 1, the new ones were loose, but now they are BIG!  I am waiting 5 more pounds to buy the next "new" ones, and think I will buy a 3 pack 2 sizes smaller!  (I bought a 6 pack last time, that had a bonus pair that felt like a "second"!) Viv 


on 6/25/11 7:41 am - CA
I have the same problem but have only lost 34 lbs. Matter of fact shortly after my surgery I was walking up my co-workers front walk wearing a sundress when a new neighbor stopped me to introduce themselves. As they were talking i could feel my underwear slipping down. I tried to clutch my thighs together to hold them up as i edged toward the front door, to no avail. They were around my ankles by the time I hit the front door. Talk about embarassing! My co-worker rolled with laughter. I kept thinking "will they ever stop talking?" so I could make a graceful exit. Didnt work out that way. Now I never wear big panties with a dress!
Shari H.
on 6/25/11 1:40 pm - MI
 Sonya - I LOL'd at your post!  That is hysterical!

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on 6/25/11 8:40 am
VSG on 07/27/11 with

That is a GREAT NSV!!!  I love this forum....your post is the first I read....what a way to start the day, with a laugh!
I will certainly keep in mind the tip of not wearing big panties with a dress.....gotta love it!

on 6/25/11 8:59 am - Canada
Hilariously underwear was like my psychological barrier in terms of accepting the fact of my weight loss.  I'd be borrowing clothes from friends to have something to wear to work and I'd buy bits and pieces here and there but I just seemed to balk when it came to buying underwear.

I don't know, maybe it was because I'd go to a department store and there would be these packages of underwear but it was like, what size am I?  What style do I want?  Before I could only buy my underwear from ONE plus size store and they had them out in bins and so I could buy a 3X and a 2X and a 4X and they would fit good enough.  But buying a pack of 3 all of the same size?

So I would start feeling self-conscience about standing in the underwear department fondling packages of panties and would eventually throw them all down and run.  

And then one day I realized the only thing holding up my underwear was my pants.  And then at home I was wearing a nightgown and my underwear fell off (no pants to hold them up), they got tangled around my ankles and I nearly fell down the stairs.  My husband was like, "Ummm, yeah.  You almost died because you refuse to buy underwear.  Spend the $5 at Wallmart and buy a pack and see if it fits.  It's that or I have to explain to the police how this happened and who is going to believe it was death by underwear?"  

I took my friend along for moral support, bought the underwear and have never looked back.  Jockey for Her size 6.  Just in case you ever see me looking bewildered in the underwear section and want to give me a hand. 

Mr Mom
on 6/25/11 9:39 am
Some people would look at falling panties as a good thing ... WINK!.. LOL

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on 6/25/11 5:27 pm - NH
 I remember when that happened.  Even my frugal husband told me it was time to go "shopping".  I loved it!  
on 6/25/11 8:32 pm
 I am now constantly going through my closet taking out clothes that are too big now. Every morning I try to make sure my clothes fit before I go to work. One day my pants were so loose I kept tugging them up every few steps.  When I got home I pulled them off without unzipping them. So I try to make sure everything fits before I go to work now. But don't get me wrong, this is an inconvenience I can definitely live with. I love it. I can definitely relate to the underwear falling down. 

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Heidi V.
on 6/25/11 9:08 pm, edited 6/25/11 9:08 pm - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada
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I have been having the underwear problem. Before my surgery, they would roll down my belly and my butt because they were too small, but now they slide off because they're too big. It's a real pain when you're at work....on a cash....and your undies are sliding. You pray for half a sec for nobody to be looking and stick your hands down your pants to pull them back up. Often I don't get that half a sec, so by the time I'm finished working, they are pulling my pants down and I feel that I'm going commando!!!


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