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What is onederland? / Changing deoderant.

(deactivated member)
on 7/23/12 10:01 pm
First of all what is onederlad? I have found that though I'm not necessarily stinky my deoderant is not working the same. Just wondering what you use that works for you. I bought a small sample of degree motion sense and it works well so far but a bit pricy. The fact that I live in AZ and its July doesn't help either I am always sweating. Suggestions?
on 7/23/12 10:06 pm
VSG on 02/25/13 with
 Onederland .... is when your weight is finally under 200 pounds ... when you are in the ONE hundreds!  ;)
on 7/23/12 10:07 pm, edited 7/23/12 10:07 pm - Anoka, MN
VSG on 07/12/12 with
I have no wisdom regarding the deodorant issue. But I do know that Onederland refers to the weight range that is in the one-hundreds.

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on 7/23/12 10:08 pm - CA
VSG on 03/14/12
 I use the degree clinical protection motion sense.   it is that only thing that works for me. 

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on 7/23/12 10:31 pm - MI
VSG on 05/07/12 with
everyone else told you what onderland is... and its amazing when you reach it..

i use degree for deodorant..
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on 7/24/12 1:44 am - NY
Maybe a little powder with your deoderant. A LITTLE so it doesnt get gooey in Arizona. Or just carry some baby wipes in a Ziploc baggie in your purse. It refreshes everything in the hot summer, face, pits, back of your neck, and ummm...down below :)
on 7/24/12 5:44 am - Randallstown, MD
VSG on 06/12/12 with
A strong deoderant that I had to turn to one time is Certaindri or Certadri.  I think it's the strongest on the market.  It too may be pricey.    Or I know, if you've been using Degree regularly, just try switching brands.  Like go to Secret or Dove.  That usually works for me. 
on 7/24/12 6:05 am
VSG on 06/25/12 with
 I use the Crystal. I am not sure what it is called. But I had a friend that swore by it. I use it now. It has no odor. It really works! Not sure about out there in AZ, but I like it. It is a crystal, shaped like a deoderant stick,  you just dampen the end of it and rub it on. I bought it at Walmart.
on 7/24/12 6:52 am - FL
 I also use the Crystal!  it's a mineral salt, it deodorizes by killing the bacteria on the skin. it is NOT an antiperspirant.

I love this thing. I've been using it for about 3 years and It WORKS.  I thought that i needed to use antiperspirant/deodorants because i sweat a lot, but the antiperspirants actually make me smell worse than my natural smell.... so i gave up on those and just use the crystal. every other week i'll take alcohol to my underarms to ensure the bacteria is under control and daily, apply the crystal after my shower. always fresh, never have a problem.
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on 7/24/12 9:45 am - NV
I use degree clinical. I live in Vegas so I get the heat making it worse. On the plus side, I don't have to keep my house as cold now that I'm down almost 40 lbs. so while I spend more on deodorant I'm spending less on my power bill .
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Jane B.
on 7/24/12 11:47 am - Strathmore, Canada
VSG on 01/11/12 with
I use a man's anti-perspirant even though I am a woman.  I don't just glisten, I sweat when its hot.  The regular green men's Speed Stick has a bit of a lavender like smell to it so I use that.  Its stronger than any women's anti-perspirant I have seen out there.
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on 7/24/12 3:32 pm - TX
It's so funny this was brought up because I JUST posted something about my deodorant not working.... Guess Degree is the ticket.
on 7/24/12 6:02 pm
I use clinical strength Secret. It comes out as a cream instead of a stick. High protein diets give me terrible BO. It is one of the few that I have found that works. I also use men's deodorant from time to time. I live in south Texas where the heat is usually in the hundreds and the humidity stays at 90%+ so sweat NEVER evaporates. Give the me the dry heat of the Western US any day!



on 7/25/12 3:47 pm - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15 with
low magnesium can cause excess body odor. MY DH started having uncontrollable odor ( he is a normie) we had his magnesium checked and it was one point away from abnormal so I started him on magnesium supplementatin and his problem resolved.