Sleeve success stories ????!!!!! need to hear postivies on this surgery...

on 8/7/12 8:25 am - florence, CO
OK so a recent screw up at the surgeons office is leaving me with a sleeve rather than a bypass ! i am freaked out becasue I have not heard very many success stories with the sleeve there more of things along the lines like " i have only lost 25 pounds in 1 year" and things of that nature so please tell me your story to help with piece of mind !!! I am 8 days pre op ! 
Cindi A.
on 8/7/12 8:33 am - Vancouver, Canada
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 If I were you I would just browse back through this forum for a couple of days. Tons of posts about progress. Before and after photos and long term success stories here. Every day new and informational stuff is posted. It's invaluable information.

You can also search the forum. Try typing in "surgiversary" and you will get a list of posts from people celebrating their successes.

Welcome to the forum.


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on 8/7/12 8:37 am
 My husband had his surgery on June 5th and has already lost 74 lbs. I had my surgery June 6th and I am down 43lbs.  We love our sleeves and are thrilled we made this decision.  We are both expecting to hit our weight loss goals by time we reach 6 months post-op.

Best of luck to you on your journey.
on 8/7/12 8:57 am - NJ
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Tomorrow will be 5 months for me and I'm down 66 lbs. I probably won't hit goal for a few months but that's ok with me. I couldn't be happier with my choice.

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on 8/7/12 9:11 am
 I had my sleeve surgery in December 2011. I have lost 82 lbs. I have about 25 more to lose to get to my goal.  I have already gotten to my surgeon's goal.  I have had people ask me if I would do it again and I said I definitely would.  
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on 8/7/12 9:25 am
Seriously? I've never heard of anyone losing so little with the sleeve. It seems the majority of people on this board have been very successful. That sounds more like the lapband... Regardless, my surgeon is seeing very similar stats with the sleeve as he does the RNY. I don't think you have anything to worry about, but since it's not your first choice I would read around here. It will definately make you feel more comfortable with this.

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on 8/7/12 9:31 am - Canada
i am in process of going through revision from lapband to sleeve wondering if you can message me and let me know your experience if you dont mind need some info about what to expect thanks
skinny cat
on 8/7/12 9:41 am
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About a week back I posted asking VSG vs bypass(you might be able to find the post). Everyone *****sponded told me they picked the VSG over bypass because of the malabsorption issue and complications. I have been researching and found there are not nearly as many complications with the VSG. The malabsorption with bypass only helps with weight loss for the first two years or so and then you are left with malabsorption with no benefit. Also, I have read that bypass people can gain back weight easier because the part of the stomach that is left is the stretchy part, whereas with VSG, the stretchy part is taken off. I have read about many many success stories with great amounts of weight loss. Because of what I have read on this forum and what I have learned, I have decided not to get the bypass, which insurance pays for and to pay out of pocket to get the sleeve. Hopefully your mind will be put at ease. Good luck with surgery!
on 8/7/12 9:41 am - Mansfield, TX
Check out my ticker below.  It's a fabulous choice and I do not regret it for a moment!  Do LOTS of research between now and your surgery so you know how to eat (drink actually for a while) post-op.  Congratulations on the screw up!  It's going to be the best thing that ever happened to you...


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