Before and After VSG Pictures

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VSG on 04/24/13

Hi guys,

I was very inspired by some of the RNY pictures I've seen because of the drastic weight loss, but I am also curious about the fabulous VSG before and after pics. I've opted for VSG and would love to see your mind blowing pictures too! :-)

I'm going into surgery soon and need some inspiration.

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VSG on 12/05/12

Hello!! I like this game, and I am excited I can be involved in it now to show newbies the progress.



Left: 2010 @ 320 Right: Feb 2013 @ 250   Left: 2010 @ 320 Right: Feb 2013 @ 250  


Today @234!!!

Today @ 234!!

Cant wait to see others pictures!




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VSG on 04/24/13

You are too cute before and after!! Congratulations on your weight loss! You look great! I really like that picture of you wearing a brown belt...gosh, I wish I could wear something like that.

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VSG on 01/23/12 with

Sleeved on 1/23/12.  SW 243, CW 132  in maintenance



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VSG on 04/24/13

Wow quite a transformation!! You look wonderful!! :)

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VSG on 01/02/13 with

This is more of a before and during - since I'm a little over 3 months out.  The first pic is of me last July at 317lbs (final fitting for a matron of honor dress) and the other is of me on Monday getting ready for work at 231lbs.





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VSG on 04/24/13

Wow are you sure you are only 3 months out? You look more like 6 months out - GOOD JOB!! :)

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VSG on 06/04/12

Started at 266 lbs, June 2012

Currently maintaining between 132-135 lbs. 

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VSG on 04/24/13

Ok, this is not even the same person right? WOW. AMAZING! You're a hottie pattottie!

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VSG on 04/25/13

You look amazing!!!!!  So happy for you!!!!angry