Newbie Tool Box UPDATED 2011 Feb 12

on 2/12/11 9:24 pm, edited 2/13/11 3:46 am
Here is the list of things I've put in my post-surgery tool box.  Other folks might want more or less. Anyone have other suggestions for us newbies?

1.   Protein shake bottle  with wire ball A
2.   Blender of some type (bullet recommended)
3.   Tennis shoes (for exercising)
4.   Computer access for OH
5.   Journal to record thoughts
6.   Method for tracking food and nutrients (e.g., or good ol notebook)
7.   Good scale: zeros out, handles ounces and grams
8.   Good set of measuring cups (and spoons)
9.   Method to track weight changes
10. Tape measure to take measurements each month
11. Pillow for early on coughing spells, getting up and down, ride from hospital
12. Good music (iPod maybe?)
13. Family/Friend support system 
14. Smaller fork and spoon (kid sized, or see crate&barrel appetizer-sized flatware)
15. Smaller plate (saucer, then salad plate) so your plate looks FULL
16. Gift certificates to department stores for shopping (in later months)
17. Consignment shop locations for those smaller clothes
18.  OH Lightweights Angel
19. Colace (stool softener)
20. Papaya Chews
21. Milk of Magnesia
22. GasX Strips
23. Sippy cups or small cups with lids so you don't smell your protein drinks
24. Ice cube trays so you can freeze liquids and purees in convenient 1 oz servings
25. Protein powders (start out with single serving samples like from
26. Protein drink recipes
27. Dear Me Letter (write a letter to yourself of all the reasons you've had WLS
28. Comfy loosefitting clothes for just after surgery
29. Drink flavorings, like DaVinci Sugar Free Caramel or Vanilla
30. Sugar free popsicles, jello, and crystal light-like drinks
31. Weekly or monthly vitamin sorter containers. 
32. Small pill box for vitamins (for purse/backpack)
33. Spreadsheet for tracking your labs (bloodwork). 
34. Chapstick
35. Feminine products for monthly visitor
36. Blender or smoothie maker
37. Robe for walking halls in hospital
38. Thermometer for taking your temp the first week at home


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on 2/12/11 9:34 pm - Eastlake, OH
Chapstick was a must for me postop.

Feminine supplies just in case your monthly pops in for a visit!


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on 2/12/11 9:38 pm - VA
Awesome list, Tracey. Best one I've seen in 3 1/2 years here.

I need to put these on a document on the LW facebook group too.

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on 2/12/11 11:43 pm - IL
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Wow - great job! I would add a thermometer. It is a good idea to track your temp for a week after the surgery.

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on 2/13/11 1:35 am - MONTICELLO, MN
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You are unbelievably organized Tracey!!  I love it!!  I wish I could be that way my life would be much  One thing that you have on your list #15 is great except if you have a saucer plate that would be more appropriate for early out.   It will look full and you'll never beable to eat everything on it!

I'm so excited for you!  Not only are you getting rid of a pesky little parasite tumor you are going to be joining in on our "toga party"....LOL
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on 2/13/11 3:54 am
Ruthie D.
on 2/13/11 2:13 am - Mayer, AZ
Awesome!  I would add or change protein powders to protein powder samples to try after surgery before investing in big jugs.  ie:  Injury, Nectar, Bariatric Advantage
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Ruthie D.
on 2/13/11 5:33 am - Mayer, AZ
Hey Tracie, on #23, did you mean "spill" your protein drinks?  8-\
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on 2/13/11 5:50 am
Nope, i meant SMELL.  If there's a lid on the protein drink, I don't smell that yukky pasty flat smell that all the protein powders seem to have.

But the sippy cup also helps to ensure I don't gulp.  The cup lids have little holes in the sippy part, so I have to THINK how much fluid I want in my mouth. 

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on 2/13/11 5:50 am
Ruthie, your avatar photo is smudged or something....

RaggetyAnn  (I'm just a RaggetyAnn in a Barbie Doll world.)
hw: 216 sw: 200 cw: 156 dgw: 134 mgw: 124

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