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on 4/9/12 8:32 am
I'm having VSG next week mon. I  about 70 lbs to lose. I was wondering, on average, how much a lightweight can expect to lose? ( generally speaking) at 3 months? 6 months? 

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I had an RNY, and my doc said on average, a patient would lose 70% of excess weight long term, most of that in the first six months.  I have done better than average (overall, I've lost 105% of excess weight, and am within 2 lbs of the middle of the range for normal BMI), You can see my weight loss every few months on my signature.  With a sleeve, it may be a little different, because there is no malabsorption.

Good luck with your surgery!
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I had my surgery 7/6/11 and weighed 211 on surgery day. At 3 months I weighed 170# (41 pounds lost!) and 6 months 149.4# (61.6 pounds lost!).

I would like to caution you, everyone loses differently. I would go a couple of weeks with losses of a pound or less, then would have a big loss all at once. I think it was my way of my body adjusting.

Good luck!!! It is the best!
on 4/9/12 8:42 am - VA
I think I was told an average of 10 pounds a month is normal for a lightweight. My loss was -21 the first month, -10 the second and third month, -8 the fourth month, -6 the fifth...I was normal BMI between 5 and 6 months post-op and at goal at 11 months post-op. It took as long to lose the last 20 pounds as it took to lose the first 60. I had a total of 80 to lose. 


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Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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on 4/9/12 10:31 am - los angeles, CA
I had 70 lbs to lose.  i lost 21lbs by 3 months, 40 by 6.
on 4/9/12 12:41 pm
 Thank you everyone. You've been very helpful. 

on 4/9/12 7:46 pm - Madison, GA

I had my RNY in July and it took me every bit of 11 months to reach my goal....compared to others I was a slow loser.  I REALLY slowed down in months 8, 9, and 10 (I'm talking 2-3 pounds a month****pt thinking ...."I can't be done!"  

Just relax, follow the rules and your surgeon's advice....the weight WILL come off!!!
It's a GREAT ride, enjoy it!!!  There are tons of NSV's along the way...don't just focus on a number!

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on 4/9/12 10:03 pm - waukesha, WI
I had 80 pds to lose.  I am down 72pds since 41/2 months,.  I am a stall for 6 weeks.  I am 6 months out tomorrow.  My body is going to fight to hang onto the tummy.  I had RNY.
on 4/10/12 2:52 am
My progression was very similar to Gina's.  I considered myself a slow loser.  I am also one who believes you can lose as much or little as you choose.  Obviously it takes more work to lose and maintain towards the lower end of the BMI range.  I believe it is what you are willing to live with.  I am extremely carb sensitive....some are not.  When I am willing to fore go all simple carbs - bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, crackers, sugar, etc., I have no problem at all maintaining or losing if I need to shed a few pounds.  I also do not mind limiting those types of carbs because I do not like dealing with the resulting affect they have on me.  Some have no problem with eating them in moderation.  You will have to learn what works best for your body and what kind of effort it will take to reach your goal.  Good luck to you on your upcoming surgery.

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