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on 3/21/10 11:09 pm - Kingston Ontario, Canada

The Beck Diet Solution program will change the way you think about eating and weight loss. The book teaches us how to apply Cognitive Therapy to dieting and weight loss, how to think differently, change your eating behaviour, and lose weight.

Written by Cognitive Therapist Dr. Judith Beck, The Beck Diet Solution is a remarkable six-week program that gives you all the tools you need to train your brain to think like a thin person.

Give yourself the mental and emotional foundation you need to succeed, join us at The Beck Diet Solution Group

as we work through the book starting on Day 1 this Tuesday March 23. Everyone welcome.
1st time 01/31/2010 - 03/14/2010 lost 13 lbs
2nd time started 03/23/2010 -
Heres what I will do daily to succeed:
Read Advantage Lists  2 xs a day or more if needed
Sit Down, Slow Down, Enjoy Each Bite
Credit myself
Be accountable here daily
Exercise is not an option
Be aware of cravings and desires
Plan meals today for tomorrow
Jody H.
on 3/24/10 12:34 am - Des Moines, IA
Okay- how do I follow along with the group?     I'm not familiar with how the online groups work.
on 3/26/10 6:59 am - Willingboro, NJ
The Beck's Diet Solution ( hardcover) and the Beck's Diet Solution Workbook (paperback) cover the same info in slightly different ways.  The author, Dr Judith Beck says it is not necessary to buy both of them.  I didn't know that when I worked the program last year, so I bough both of them.  I suggest the hardcover for pre-ops because it has more theory and the softcover workbook for post-ops who have already had nutritional counseling and are probably on a post-op diet even if they are having problems following it or are snacking.

This Group is not really a directed discussion.  Most people are working the book (s) which are self-help books and reporting their progress here.  They can pose questions about the Day or lesson that they are currently working.  Beck's is set up as a 6 week course of 7 Days apiece;  theoretically, it can be done in 42 days--6 Weeks X 7 Days per Week equals 42 Days.

However, you quickly become aware that it may take you more than 1 calendar day to work 1 of Beck's Days.  It really doesn't matter how fast you work the program as long as you start to work it.  And, it is not simply one program.  Rather many dieting strategies are discussed.  The primary method is Cognitive Therapy which recognizes that negative thoughts trigger negative behavior.  By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, we can change our behavior.  Of course, changing behavior on a permanent basis involves repeating these positive changes.  Thus, Dr Beck asks us not to skip Days and, instead, to follow the program in the order in which it is written.  This is because latter material is often dependent on material presented earlier in the book.

Read the first 4 chapters begore actually beginning the program.  I suggest writing down your responses in a notebook so you won't be confined by the space provided in the books.  Also, you'll be able to use the books repeatedly without having past responses influence you--i.e., you can expect to learn and gain knowledge as you procede.
on 3/29/10 12:43 pm - Gilbert, AZ
Thanx Bob I will write down in a notebook this go round  Melva