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1st get through the 2 week pre-op liquid diet!
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not be embarrassed to see old friends from high school or college.
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wear a size that's NOT a "plus" size!
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Phillip Hornbostel, M.D.
Dr. Hornbostel is a great surgeon and his wife Margie is the best. They are always just a phone call away anytime if you need them. Perioperative care was awesome...pre-op, intra-op and post-op. They answer all of your questions and are very honest with you and concerned about your health. I would recommend them to anyone considering to have WLS. :)
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bmchernandez's Blog
bmchernandez's Blog


posted 3/21/11 12:32 pm
When I started out this journey I was wearing a size 26/28...tonight I got on a pair of jeans that are a size 18! That is crazy! I am wearing a 18/20 now. I am so thankful for this...I cannot wait to see what size I will be wearing this time next year...A normal sized clothing store...I will feel like I have won the Average sized people have never worried about if they have "plus" or if they are going to have anything in the store that they can wear...being bigger it is depressing b/c you worry about everything...even if stores carry your size. It will still be a while before I worry about this but for right now I am just excited! I think the last time I probally wore an 18 was when I was 15 or 16.....10 or 11 years ago!

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