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Jorge Acosta, MD
My surgery was done by Dr. Eldo Frezza. He turned out to be pretty bad. My insurance company assigned me to Dr. Acosta for follow-ups, and he is absolutely adorable. Much better care than my original surgeon, and nice looking to boot! ha ha. I feel lucky to have him!
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  • Comment by debann 1/9/08 6:12 pm
    Good luck with your surgery and enjoy the journey into your new life!
  • Comment by StellaBlue 1/9/08 5:54 pm
    Good Luck tomorrow! Sending positive vibes your way for everything to go perfectly!
  • Comment by GinaJ 1/9/08 5:29 pm
    Congratulations on your surgery!!! Sending prayers your way. Keep us posted during your recovery.
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melly37's Blog
melly37's Blog

Hello, Gym, It's Been Awhile
February 10, 2014 8:53 am

 Soooooooooooo, my health insurance gave me a perk this year.  They are paying for my membership to a pretty nice gym.  I had been a member of Planet Fitness for the last 3 years.  I had not really utilized it much over the last year.  It's an okay gym, really.....guess I just got lazy and a bit bored with it.  The nicer gym is right by my house, and has a pool and all kinds of fitness classes.  The biggest perk is that my hubby got a  membership since he is on my insurance. 


We have been going pretty regularly for a week now (when we got our membership activated).  Wowza!!  I am sooooooo sore!  It makes me  happy to be this sore.  I was missing the time I had at the gym.  Even when my eating was good, I always knew I was doing SOMETHING good for myself.  I haven't swam or taken a class, yet, but I will!! 


My eating was bad MOST of the week, last week.  My damn period is also fricking late again, and messing with me.  So, between those two factors I am still at 195.    This week's plan is to continue to go to the gym, maybe even take a class.  Also, hubby and I are going to follow the 4 hour body once again.  It's something he enjoys doing and it's easy enough.  All week, we will only have meat, eggs, veggies and beans.  On the weekend we can relax our eating and add in some carbs. 


I don't seem to stick to anything long enough to see if it, I vow to stick to this for at least 3 weeks and see what my results are.  I am having a protein shake also, to make sure I get all of my protein in, and it's a fast breakfast.  The IF thing was just getting too hard.  Meetings during the late afternoon, etc., were making it too difficult to eat when I was supposed to.  So, giving myself 3 weeks on this, I will hopefully be able to report around March 3rd that I have seen some weightloss. 


The biggest reality check that I had was not being able to wear some of my work clothes.  I have a lot of 12's and 10's to wear, but had gravitated to my 14's as the weight was coming back.  When my 14's got uncomfortable, I knew it was time to regain control.  Spring and summer will be here before I know it, and I DO NOT want to be crying about how fat I feel and how my shorts don't fit.  It's all in my control, and I KNOW I can do this. 


Hope everyone has a productive and successful week!

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January 27, 2014 9:00 am

I pretty much stuck to the IF last week.  My body does seem to respond when I stick to it.  I broke my fast a few hours early on Friday, and then ate when and what I wanted over the weekend, which IS part of my plan.  The breaking early on Friday was not.  Oh well.  I was down 3 pounds last week.  I didn't weigh over the weekend, and didn't do it this morning, either.  So, I could have seen those 3 pounds back on, who knows? 

I am planning on doing the IF again this week.  I am also looking for inspiration to stick to it.  I have to plow through the immense hunger.  My sleeve has never taken my hunger away.  Some of it probably is acid reflux, but I already take 40 mg of Prilosec every day, I don't want to go any higher than that.  So, I just have deal with the real hunger and of course the head hunger. 

I think I will take one of my pictures here from around my lowest weight and put it up on my desk.  Seeing how I CAN look with the emerging hope that spring and summer will be here soon, I am hoping to get the inspiration that I need to get these extra pounds off.

What is your inspiration?

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New Year, Same Old Issues
January 21, 2014 6:42 am

  ARGH!!  I haven't been on since October, and I am up almost 10 pounds from then.  GRRR!  I have really slacked so badly.  The holidays are always brutal, I tend to just let any ounce of control go out the window.  I am at 194.  This totally sucks.  All of my clothes are tight and I REFUSE to buy a bigger size. 

As of yesterday, I have started the intermittent fasting (IF), and eating pretty clean.  My MAIN focus will be to stick to my IF, and when I am eating, I will do mainly meat, veggies and some fruits.  This worked so well for me last spring/summer. 

Sorry that I haven't been around, but I have been so busy, just don't have the time I used to have.  And, to be honest......ever since OH changed the site  up, it's really hard for me to navigate the screens now.  Some of the links, etc., are not visible on my computer.  You can see a trace of it, but I can't tell what it is.  It's frustrating, for sure. 

Personally, things are good.  Hubby is so good to me.  My BFF says that I am having trouble staying focused with my eating because I am so happy.    Hmmmmm, that's very possible.  Still, I am NOT happy at this weight.  I need to regain control of my food monsters.  They can't be the boss of me!  kiss


Have a great week, everyone!

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It's Been A Long Time!!
October 28, 2013 6:29 am

Wow, it's been about 6 weeks or so since I have posted on my blog.  It seems like when I don't log in to OH, it's because I am not doing what I know I SHOULD do, and avoiding this site helps me stay in denial.    *sigh*  Yep, my weight is back up.  Total shocker, I know.  I am back up to 185.  cool

I really have been extremely busy at work, as of late, and have a lot going on outside of work.....but the weight gain is totally on me.  Literally and figuratively! ha.  The intermittent fasting and eating clean, just stopped, it seemed once I got closer to the wedding.  Just too much going on to focus on ME.  I can't say that I haven't focused on my eating, because I think that's all I have done!  Just focusing on the absolute worst foods. 

Life is good, otherwise.  Still sharing a very  happy life with my hubby. 

I think my main goals for now will be to cut back on carbs and get more exercise in.  One day at a time!

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Happily Married!
September 10, 2013 7:44 am

  Well, my sweetheart and I tied the knot!  We had a quiet ceremony at the courthouse, but then a party at our house to celebrate.  We had a lot of fun.  I am a very lucky woman.

I have to actually give praises to WLS for allowing me to find my soul mate.  Sure, becoming slimmer opened up more choices for me when it came to men.  Let's face it, some men just aren't attracted to obese women.  There is nothing wrong with that.....seriously.  I am not physically attracted to men that have very hair backs...doesn't make me a bad person.  I think we are all programmed with certain tendencies to be attracted to various features for love interests. 

My husband IS actually attracted to voluptuous women.  He likes a woman with some meat on her bones and some junk in the trunk.  ha ha    He has seen pictures of me before I had WLS, and he says he would have been attracted to me back then.

So, why do I want to give credit to WLS for finding him?  Even though HE might have been attracted to me at 260 lbs., I would have never had the confidence to have met him when I was morbidly obese.  I have learned and grown so much during this process. 

Having been overweight, just about all of my life, I really never had much self-confidence.  Losing weight, changed my world so much.  There were a lot times that I didn't handle opportunities properly, but I learned and grew from all of my experiences. 

I am still struggling with the last 25 pounds or so.  I will ALWAYS struggle with my eating.  Even though, I am not at goal, 5 years after my initial surgery, I have reached a very happy point in my life. 

Loving myself, appreciating myself and most of all, giving myself respect; allowed me to find a man that loves, appreciates and respects me also.  It truly is a wonderful and mind-blowing thing! 

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